Sunday, June 4, 2017

SPACE 2018!!!

SPACE 2018 is set for April 28 & 29, 2018 at the Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus.
More info soon.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 7

Chris Reed :
Chris Reed has been making mini-comics for 35 years. Before becoming a full-time comics creator, he worked many unfulfilling and ridiculous jobs including pizza dough maker, steel mill worker, tobacco farmer, railroad laborer, paper cup maker, laundry sorter, forklift operator, pop pusher, dog food packager, and writing advisor. He is currently working on the comics series, Gary. He lives in Davison, MI.

Julia Simmons:
Cleveland based comics and illustrations focused on fantasy and supernatural slice of life, fanart, stickers, a handmade books!

Ross Wood Studlar:
Ross Wood Studlar writes and draws comics featuring wildlife, mythic creatures, and robots. He works as a seasonal Park Ranger at Yellowstone, where he tells Native American legends and stories from science and history. He is a graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies and Denison University. The frogs and guinea pigs which he has kept as pets have been a source of creative inspiration; so have the wild beasts encountered on his treks through the woods. Futuristic inspirations include the Marvel 2099 comics and work on solar electrical systems at a Homestead in Ohio.

Cailey Tervo:
Cailey is an illustrator, comic maker, and overall human based in Columbus, Ohio. Her splits her time between working as a designer for kids apparel, making comics and illustrations, and being a cat mom.

Uni5i Comics
Uni5i Comics started in 2009 with the debut of the teen drama The 5ive footers. With a focus on characters off all different backgrounds Uni5i Comics continues to be a publisher for everyone. In summer 2016 the sci-fi comic Sword of Tora debuted as well to a great response. With anthology slatted for later this year Uni5i Comics continues to make great material for all.

John Vestevich:
John Vestevich is a cartoonist, designer, and illustrator living in Detroit. His comics are marked by experimentation and stylistic variation. Self-imposed restrictions yield telling results, all of which accumulate to either improve the next project, or steer the next experiment. Subjects range from autobiographical relationship analysis, to prehistoric beasts, to trippy dungeon runs.

Eric T. Voigt:
Eric T. Voigt is a member of Black Bear Collective and create zines that range from poetic muses, short stories, and comics.

Wakka :
I've been making comics and art since I was a very small child. I find it's the best outlet to appease the monsters living inside my skull.

Josh White:
Josh White is a Columbus, Ohio based graphic novelist. He has self-published two graphic novels, Vision Quest and Bad Year, and is working on a third, Heart Light Constellation. He is a graduate of the MFA Comics program at the California College of the Arts.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 6

Juan Lara:
Juan likes to draw. Sometimes he puts pictures with words. Juan makes comics about robots, super villains, and unlucky creatures of the night.

Brian E. Lau:
Brian E. Lau has worked as a cover artist for Hall of Heroes. The independent comic book company that artists Ethan Van Sciver and Trent Kaniuga also started from. Brian has also worked as a graphic artist, in the automotive industry, co-writing music, & dabbled in animation. He is now launching his 1st independent graphic novel Staunch Ambition. Prepare for the launch of ʺStaunch Ambitionʺ! What happens when human innovation enters the supernatural? A supernatural sci-fi graphic novel by Brian E. Lau, John McNichol, Tyler Thull, Neal Anderson, & Erwin J. Arroza. Cover artist Freddie Williams II and Khoi Pham of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, & IDW. Welcome… to the new enlightenment!

Michael Laughead:
Michael Laughead Lives: Columbus, Ohio Jobs: Program Liaison, Teacher and Illustrator Hobbies: Argentina national soccer/fútbol team, reading, movie watching and cleaning up after my 3 daughters. A graduate of the MFA program at Columbus College of Art and Design, I teach and advise students in the Illustration program at CCAD. Also, I do freelance work, making comics and creating illustrations in the children's market. I received my BFA in Art with an emphasis in Illustration from Brigham Young University - Idaho. In Idaho, I met my amazing wife, Candace. (She's still the best thing I got out of school). We have 3 beautiful daughters. Before going to college, I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for two years in the north-western part of Argentina. While there I learned Spanish and not to be afraid to ask total strangers to change their lives.

Kandie Lowe:
Everybody loves Bacon... well... maybe... at least everyone should!

Kevin Marion:
Kevin has been documenting the adventures of Cincignat since 2013. Cincignat's drive is do-gooding, his bodacious style, and his love of coupons. Kevin puts these silly adventures into an all-ages minicomic and makes it easy for anyone to color. Each issue hits the streets quarterly, giving Cincignat time to recuperate between battles.

Jeremy Massie:
Jeremy Massie is a cartoonist from the mountains of Virginia. His second graphic novel 'All My Ghosts' was released last year by Alterna comics and he is currently working on an all ages superhero comic called Amazing Age.

Lauren McCallister:
Lauren is a degenerate human being who enjoys making comics and hanging out with her cats. Her works include Bad Sex and Teen Girl Killed.

Nancy McSwiney:
Nancy is a freelance illustrator based in Columbus, OH. She specializes in watercolor work and small sculpture, but also dabbles in stuffies and multimedia work. Her inspirations include Wendy Froud, Yoshitaka Amano, Fiona Staples, and Ray Harryhausen. She founded Rage Studios in 2013 and hopes to actually hire employees someday.

Gabby Metzler:
Gabby Metzler, a reluctant momma’s girl from the midwest who went off to art school and couldn’t avoid the thought, "You know how, basic, well behaved, straight, girls love Love stories? What if criminal, queer, girls love love stories too? And shit what if they really need them? That's how the indie comic Fat Girl Love Club was born.

John Orlando:
John Orlando has been a fixture on the independent pro wrestling scene in Ohio for 14 years. He is most known for his work as the ring announcer for Ohio Championship Wrestling. In 2012, John decided to create The PVDcast podcast to talk about his many passions – comics, hockey, movies and of course, pro wrestling. As an independent podcaster, John has prided himself on creating conversational tone with each of his episodes. Many of the creators featured here at SPACE have appeared as guests on The PVDcast. You can check out The PVDcast by visiting or searching for it on I-Tunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio or SoundCloud.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 4

Samantha Albert:
Samantha Albert is a cartoonist, illustrator, tarot card reader, and barista based in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently working on The Electric Team, an all-ages comic about a band of friends fighting 1,000 villains in order to restore civilization. There are unicorns, mechanized minotaurs, and the occasional identity crisis.

Dan Anderson:
All for a Punchline th web comic, company, and passion of artist Dan Anderson. He produces it by going to improv shows and taking pictures. He then sorts through the photos, picks one or two that he likes and then puts them into Adobe Illustrator to hand trace them with a pen and tablet adding any props and costumes that he sees fit.

Juan Argil:
Juan Argil is a sociopolitical abstract cartoonist with as much influence from his Latino roots as his admiration for European and Japanese art. He likes long walks on the beach, going to the movies and is fortunately unavailable. He also has a tendency to misplace his glasses so if you please find them contact him immediately.

Suzanne Baumann:
Suzanne makes comics from her attic in Hamtramck, MI. Minicomic titles include the series As Eavesdropped (based on overheard conversations), Turtleneck Boy (She created the character & 25 cartoonists did their take on him) and Ball Point (doodles, tiny and free). She’s currently working on Sucker Street, an online graphic novel. Follow it at

Harmony Becker:
Harmony Becker is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. She has been making illustrations and comics her whole life, and recently published Love Potion, a zine of sequential illustrations.

Blind Alley Comics:
Producing comic books since 2009, Blind Alley Comics is the most unique and independent of indie comic labels (so far)! Based out of Lansing, MI, artists Rick Schlaack and Joe Haines have joined forces to create fantastic tales of adventure, humor, and horror. Their collaborative project, Die Kätze, combines their love of Lovecraftian horror, silent movies, and pets of the feline variety…don’t miss it!

Thomas H Boeing:
Thomas H Boeing is a self-published comics creator born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he was inspired by the city and the stories it allowed him to experience. Horseshoes & Handgrenades is his latest, on-going story about the hardships of growing up and accepting adulthood.

Brent Bowman:
Brent Bowman is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art And Design with a degree in Illustration. A lifelong comics fan, Brent has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, as well as the collectible card game Age of Empires. Brent has been nominated for the small press SPACE prize in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and won for Best Graphic Novel in 2014, and 2nd place for best mini-comic in 2015. He lives in Columbus Ohio with his wife and two boys.

Abigail Connor:
Abigail Connor is the creator and co-writer of the comic series The Electric Team. She is in second grade. She loves comics, drawing, and junior roller derby.

Leighton Connor:
Leighton Connor writes the comic book series The Electric Team ( with the assistance of his daughter Abi. He writes and draws the web comic Laser Brigade ( He has also provided illustrations for the Seeing Calvino project ( and the book Fierce: Women of the Bible and Their Stories of Violence, Mercy, Bravery, Wisdom, Sex, and Salvation.

Ken Cooney:
Ken has written comic book scripts for the Superguy mailing list from 1988 - 1992 ( Currently living in a secret lair in Bellevue, Kentucky, Ken makes comics in his spare time. You can follow him on Twitter @Ken_Cooney or Facebook (look for "Ken Cooney - Cartoonist" or "The Adventures of Choco and Cocoa").


Thursday, March 16, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 5

Andrew Davis:
Andrew Davis's "Samantha Comics" website features over 800 strips from the perspective of "Samantha Ann Peartree, Age 5". His original zines and comics further reveal what lurks in Samantha's young mind (the answer: a playfully surreal mixture of fairy tales, love stories, weirdos, pop culture, death, and puppies!)

Matthew Enstrom:
Matthew Enstrom is the self publishing man of chaos. His first comic book Super Foxy, It's been described as a live action comic. Along with this he's currently working on a new comic book series called Space Cows. travel with the Crew as they take on adventures in Space. Aside from the comics Matthew has other prints done up in his quirky style.

EssenceCartoon is an animation studio that specializes in the creation of compelling 2D animated stories that effectively engage, explain and express your brand's story.

Landon Faulkner:
From an early age Landon has been fascinated with old westerns. Watching cowboy movies and television shows with his dad only fueled the fire. Upon a visit to see family in Arizona and going to Old Tucson Studios, well that cemented his love for the west. Reading and researching the legends of a gone but not forgotten time has inspired him to take his creativity down the long dust path to restore the western genre to it's glory of days gone by.

Erica Feld:
Erica Feld is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. She is the official artist for Corgi Things.

Joseph Freistuhler:
Joseph Freistuhler is a writer and illustrator from the wastelands of Northeast-Ohio. Joseph started making comics as a by-product of his mid-life crisis because it seemed less self-destructive than other options. The Not So Golden Age is Joseph’s second full length comic. Joseph has also contributed to the anthology series, Ugli Studios Presents. When he’s not making comics, Joseph spends his days in an office chained to a cubicle.

Nichi Hawkins:
Nichi Hawkins Has been creating his own comics since childhood, so the fact that He would one day start his own comic book label was inevitable. He has a love of this medium and sees it as one of the best way to share stories with others. Storytellers have been around since the beginning of time, gathering people around the fire and entertaining them with ideas and concepts that sparked the very core of our creative being. He prides himself on continuing that tradition and enjoys collaborating with others to accomplish the goal of creating mind bending badassery.

Luke Herr:
Luke writes a lot of minicomics, wrote the start of Heroes International for Legacy Rising, and produces the podcasts Exiled and MultiversalQ.

Joe Hunter:
Joe Hunter is an all around talented illustrator, inker, colorist and more, who has done work on books like Radical Guardian Skater X and Boo! Halloween Stories.

Cory Kram:
Cory Kram is a performance and collage artist based in Philadelphia, PA. All of her handmade collage artbook-zines are unique displays of color and composition. Her juxtapositions of food products, beauty products, microchips, and non-sequitur captions will dazzle you, confuse you, and leave you mesmerized.
Chad Lambert:
Chad Lambert is a two-time Harvey Award winning writer for his work in Dark Horse Presents and small press comics, including Return to Point Pleasant. Ray Bradbury referred to Return to Point Pleasant as “superb and frightening! Bravo!” Chad also appeared in the feature-length documentary Eyes of the Mothman, which explores the Appalachian folklore of paranormal activity in West Virginia.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Kid Friendly Comics at SPACE!

Looking for Kid Friendly comics at SPACE? Check out all our exhibitors that are displaying our Kid Friendly sign. This year with great art by Lauren Sparks!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 3

Jefffrey Lowe:
Everybody loves Bacon... well... maybe... at least everyone should!

Theodore Mallison:
Theodore Mallison has been self-publishing comic books since he was six and is a professional illustrator and animator. By day, he is the curator of a history museum. He lives and works in Akron, Ohio.

Michael Marcus:
Michael Marcus is a publisher, games designer, and hypnotist who has attended SPACE since 2008, when he first started publishing the IF-X comic book anthology as part of Hamtramck Idea Men.  These days, he publishes a digest-sized book called ONE PUNCH and a whole variety of unlikely games.

Ben Miller:
Ben Miller is an independent comic book writer.  He has self published two books, Judges and Botched.  Judges is supernatural action graphic novel.  And Botched is supernatural wrestling one shot.  His latest graphic, Kaneesha will be published by Alterna Comics.  Kaneesha is a realistic fiction story about a young girl whose brother has been killed by the police.

Brian John Mitchell :
Making matchbook sized mini-comics since before it was cool.

Robert Monsarrat:
Robert Monsarrat is a burgeoning author an artist currently at work on his first book, "FragorDeira." Ohio-born and raised, he graduated from CCAD with a Bacheor's in Illustration, which he's putting to good use. Follow him at!

Joseph Morris:
Joseph Morris is the Owner and Operator of TORC Press, a Small Press Publishing Company based out of mid-Illinois that has been publishing comics for 17 Years.  Notable comics include The Hot Fudge Sundae Adventure Club, SDF, Skull Mob, and Cosmic Pulp, among others.  His current project is "7Worlds", a story that serves as an exploration of various styles and types of comics.

Maryanne Rose Papke:
Maryanne Rose Papke has been self-publishing short comics since 2010. Her comics are usually weird, often silly, typically cute, sometimes sad, and occasionally epic. She has more than 8 minicomics in print, and also produces the fantasy webcomic, Xylobone Tomes.

Stu Rase:
Stu Rase is a thirty-something High School teacher, freestyle rapper, and comic book writer.  His most recent works include Teacher Strips, an auto-bio graphic novel about his experiences as a high school teacher available on Comixology Submit; Billy the Dark Elf, a humorous documentary comic about LARPing illustrated by renound fantasy artist Pat Loboyko; Refugee Road, a comic about the real cost of escaping poverty; and To Boldly Go, an award nominated mini-comic that's a transgender father's tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

Carlos Rivera:
Founder of the Youngstown Indie Creators Expo in Youngstown Ohio.Will be debuting a yet to be named book. More to come.

Bruce Rosenberger:
Bruce Rosenberger has been drawing as long as he can remember. In the early 80's Bruce started creating mini-comics but his two jobs got in the way. In 2004 he asked friend Steven Hager to write him a comic book (but specified NO superheroes!) and Steven did so by writing the first issue of Dutchy Digest. In 12 years Steven and Bruce have managed to put out 10 issues. In 2015, Bruce teamed up with Podcaster Derek Coward to start working on a web strip called Chimera Force.

Zach Sabatino:
Zach Sabatino earned his BFA in Animation at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014. Shortly after he began work as an Animator and Designer at the start up company Bolster Learning Systems. There he collaborated with a colleague to create an interactive animated screening test designed to assess young children with learning issues. Recently he taught the Intro to Game Animation course at the Cleveland Institute of Art and is now currently working as a freelance animator and independent comic artist.

Sal Sciandra:
Sal Sciandra is an American comics writer & artist based in Buffalo, NY. He is the creator of “The Casebook of Elijah Snugs”, an ongoing mystery comic book series.
His influences include Gabrielle Bell, Richard Scarry, John Byrne, Daniel Clowes, Edward Gorey, and Joe Mathieu.

Ian Shires:
30-year veteran of the small press trenches, publisher of hundreds of comics and zines.

Lee Smith:
Lee Smith, a former teacher, is the creator of Ohio Chronicles, a comic based on Ohio History as well as two comics that teach math, Cosine Cadets; and Sammy Spiffy super robot & Calculator Chicken.

Lauren "Wingéd Elf Girl" Sparks:
Lauren "Wingéd Elf Girl" Sparks is a writer, illustrator, animator and designer.  She illustrated issue #2 of Open Tree, Linus and the Fluke of Love by Chris Charlton for Assailant Comics, writes and draws the silly webcomic Cats Talking Words, wrote and illustrated a short story for the Kickstarter-funded Transitions Anthology, and self-publishes minicomics. She works both digitally and in watercolor, and enjoys drawing humans, cats and Pokemon.

Jeremy Stoll:
Jeremy Stoll is an author, artist, and folklorist who started making superhero comics in college – and then pursued a doctorate on India's comics culture at Indiana University. Stoll currently publishes stories about the ineffable in life as Great Bear Comics, maintains a serialized illustrated mystery novel, Sadie Hawkins & the Girl in Question, and is working on the upcoming comic The Dick Pic of Dorian Gray. His scholarly work has appeared in The Routledge Companion to Comics and the International Journal of Comic Art, among others, and he is currently co-editing The Comics World: Comics, Graphic Novels, & Their Publics.

Alec Valerius:
Alec Valerius is a working illustrator and comix artist in Columbus Ohio. Recently graduating CCAD with his BFA in illustration, he has also contributed to the "CCAD Spitball Anthology", working with Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. Alec also contributed to the "Shonen Trump" anthology at CXC. At SPACE, Alec is will be selling several of his personal zines and illustrations, including SHITSTACK.

van der Walt :
I have few qualifications as an artist, but the arts have always meant so much to me. I trade in shaking hands for smooth lines, jumbled mind for calm and collected thoughts. Art is an escape from anxiety for me. I am lucky enough to have a family and people around me that support my dreams of being an illustrator. I am so excited to share what I have with you.

Casey Van Heel:
Comedian and comic book writer. Moved from Brooklyn to Columbus to dedicate my time to creating comics.

Hedwig Vinson:
Hello!  My name is Hedwig Vinson, and I am a creator based out of Minneapolis, MN.  My vision is to create work that calls on all elements and genres of storytelling.  Sight, sound, touch, the basest forms of expression, cultural nods, and classical music,  all tied up neatly in comics form.  My beloved Walter the cat is confused, too. 
Check out my exploration of the Minneapolis/St. Paul classical scene, as well as some excellent bike rides, sketches, and reading recommendations on instagram-twitter:  hedwigonatheme

Jack Wallace:
Disposable Fiction is meant to be exactly that. Disposable. It’s short fiction that you read on your way on the subway or the bus on the way to work or school. Comics that you may throw away at the end of your trip, but those stories stick in the back of your mind.
We are a small press publisher comprising of one writer and one colorist and letterer. We collaborate with thoughtful, creative artists rich in talent.

Bill Widener:
Bill Widener has been cartooning since a teenager in the savage '70s. He was co-editor of the underdog anthology NERVE and created the series "Go-Man" and "Mack the Knife" for Caliber Press. Other gigs included editorial cartoonist for the "Kentucky Kernel" during the early 80s and a long-running strip in local alt-weekly ACE. He has self-published his zine COMICS FUNNIES since March of 2014, each issue a combination of new work and stuff from his big ol' pile of art and comics.

Bruce Worden:
When he's not collecting shopping lists and drawing the people he imagines owned them (, Bruce Worden continues to toil away on the one and only zombies-at-Woodstock comic series: Woodstalk. Issue 7 is out now, and big changes are on the horizon for issue 8. Stop by his table and ask him what's up!