Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pre-SPACE Tour

The pre-SPACE 2015 tour is shaping up.  I'll be at  
Return of the Killer Crafts! October 26, 2014, Garden Theater, Columbus OH
Genghis Con November 30, 2014  Cleveland OH 
 I.C.E.II  January 24, 2015,  Dayton OH
 Queen City Comic Con February 28, 2015 Cincinnati OH (Tentative)
PIX March 28, 2015, Pittsburgh PA
all leading to
SPACE April 11 & 12, 2015 Columbus OH

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SPACE 2015!

SPACE 2015 will be April 11 & 12, 2015
Above is the hand printed linoleum cut poster which I will be selling at all my convention and art fair stops this year.
 The schedule so far:
Mini Indy Ogre Con July 11-13 at the Laughing Ogre Columbus OH
(I'll be there noon to 3PM on Sunday)

Art on the Lawn August 9, 2014 Yellow Springs OH
Independents Day September 19-21, 2014  Columbus OH
(I'll be there all day Saturday & Sunday)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Big Comic Show at the Pickerington Library

Exhibitors include:
Glenn Baskin
Brent Bowman
Alex Clark
Bob Corby
Molly Durst
Ken Eppstein
Terence Hanley
Stephen Hines
Travis Horseman
Max Ink
Lora Innes
Canada Keck  
Michael Neno
Andrew Pena
Lis Huey
Jasmine Rajavadee
Meg Syverud
Valerie Starr
John Steventon
There are still a few spots left for exhibitors.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Tired, Sore & Hoarse

I’m tired, sore and hoarse today… but it was worth it. After seeing all the creative energy this weekend I’m excited to start new projects and start working on SPACE 2015.  I couldn’t ask for a better community of friendly people enjoying our common love for the comics medium. It keeps me going.
Thanks to all the exhibitors for making SPACE such a joy to put on each year and everybody I sucked  into doing panels which provided all the great programming.
Also thanks to Nate Powell for allowing us an early look at March Book Two before anybody else.  Nate and Ken Eppstein also deserve a hardy thanks for being troopers for singing the night away and then getting up in a few hours to make us look good on local TV.
Thanks to Stang and the crew at the Laughing Ogre for the great party Friday night and to Caitlin McGurk (the unstoppable force) and Kafe Kerouac for the comics reading and karaoke after party on Saturday.

Thanks to all the people who came to see all the  incredible work. 
I‘d like to especially thank my wife, Kathy, my brother, Ron, my son, Bob  and Fate Spears for running the show with me.  (Check out the great work Fate does with the Comic Book Connection Initiative
Hope everybody had a safe trip home and hope to see you all again next year.
Bob Corby

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SPACE Exhibitor Bios Pt. 8

Jason Strutz
Jason Strutz is the illustrator behind the Cask of Amontillado
and upcoming The House of Montresor graphic novel with Enrica Jang from Red Stylo
Media, colorist on Ehmm Theory from Action Lab Entertainment. He also selfpublishes
a variety of Make Your Own Comics, ABC books, and other comics. You can
find more at
KT Swartz
1876. The newest, sleekest, top-of-the-line train draws a host of
colorful characters on its maiden journey. But what starts out as a peaceful ride
along the rails turns into war when the infamous Red Gang attacks.
What these passengers don't know is that someone hired the Red Gang to rob the
train. The only question is why?
JTW has been creating mini comics since his pre-teens but,started
doing comics seriously in 2004, when he self-published his first zine/comic
Lunchbox. Since then, as one part of the Local DC Conspiracy comic scene, he has
done work for various anthologies and small press publishers, as well as
continuing his own comic series Black Dayz. He will be showcasing a ton of highly
inventive comix at different conventions, so feel free to keep an eye out for him.
He is also an accomplished illustrator dabbling in acrylics, and Music production/
DJing in the Musique Concrete/Soul Jazz/Hip Hop genre. 

Rochelle and Adrienne Westmoreland
Rochelle and Adrienne are 2 sisters who do various art work and zines."

Max Wheeler
Gnarly As I Wanna Be makes independent prints, music, zines,
comics and more.
Gnarly As I Wanna Be makes independently made comics, zines, books and prints. We
also put out records.

Katherine Wirick
Katherine’s topics of interest include war, trauma and baseball. She won the 2012 SPACE Prize for No One is Safe. She is currently working on Nervenkrank.

Dave Woodward
Gordie Gnomo is about a woodland gnome who has spent a long part
of his life on the road as a wandering nomad. After unexpectedly discovering the
first town he's seen in years, Gordie is determined to settle down and establish
his life as an adult for the first time ever, but is in for a rude awakening to
how difficult it will be.

Bruce Worden
Zombies at Woodstock. (that's the REALLY short description!)
Blending comedy, action, and rock-n-roll, "Woodstalk" is the forgotten story of
the zombie outbreak at the seminal music festival of the 1960s.
Jessi Zabarsky
Jessi Zabarsky makes comics about food, bunnies, and cool girls.
You can find more things to look at and links to buy them at

Jeff Zwirek
Jeff Zwirek, a.k.a Jeffrey Antacid, a.k.a Jeff Z is a self-publishing cartoonist. His comics work includes Jack Rabbit, Black Star, Pinstriped Bloodbath, and Burning Building Comix. He has received a nomination for an Ignatz award, and his comics have been named "Notable Comics" multiple times by the Best American Comics anthology. He's also one of the organizers of CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. He lives and works in Chicago, with his wife and two sons.