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SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 5

Rob Garcia
Rob Garcia is a freelance artist from Kalamazoo, MI where he lives with his beautiful wife, Sara. Rob specializes in sequential art. He has been working on comics for the past three years, but has been a working artist for about ten.

Daniel Hogan
Clattertron is a weekly 'gag a day' black and white comic strip
with a cartoony style. Subjects include: geek humor, auto-bio inspired stories,
and anything in-between.

Travis Horseman
Travis was born in Springfield, Ohio, and discovered comic books at the age of
six. Since then, the course of his life has been shaped by his love of comics,
theater and classical history. In addition to being a writer, he has been an
actor, a director, a produced playwright, and occasionally, all three at once.
After writing the first draft of Amiculus as a ten-page play in college, he began
adapting it as a comic in 2007, intending it to be a short 32-page project to test
the waters for a longer series. Six years and 162 pages later, it has become an
epic unto itself.
Working in tandem with Italian artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Travis anticipates the
first volume of this 3-part series to be completed this year.
Travis currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Lora InnesLora Innes’s romantic, time-travel adventure comic about theRevolutionary War, The Dreamer (IDW Publishing), has been nominated for threeHarvey Awards, a CYBILS Award, and is the recipient of the S.P.A.C.E. Prize. TheDreamer Volume 1 is now in its second printing, and Volume 2 was released inNovember 2011. You can read the comic online at addition to The Dreamer, Innes co-hosts the Paper Wings Podcast, an educationalshow for aspiring comic creators.

Jay Jacot
Jay, being an amalgamation of graphic designer, all around artist,
and storyteller took up 'comics' as a second language. He started out his comiccareer publishing the now defunct Comics Obscura anthology which showcased manyincredible talents and taught him many important lessons along the way. Since thedownfall of that publication he's been working on his book 'The Tao of Snarky' andhelping many other creators bring their projects to life. Most recently, Jay hasbeen helping out another Jay, Jay Fosgitt, in bringing his all ages book BodieTroll to life by assisting with the digital colors and providing a pin-up forIssue #2. He also worked with Lucasfilm on the book 'Fight Like a Jedi' afundraiser to support Matthew Litchfield and his family while Matthew battlescancer. Jay lives in East Lansing, Michigan with his loving and supporting wifeLissa, step-son Maksen, and Mother-in-law Ann.
Warwick Johnson & Dan Hale
Warwick Johnson & Dan Hale are the creators of the Empty Grave
comic book series. Their first issue, The Empty Grave: Daddy's Little Girl, was
released in January 2014. It is a Western about a female bounty hunter and her
quest to bring a group of outlaws to justice. For more information, you can check
Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly is a Cleveland based comic and rock flier artist Jake Kelly's work is a
staple of the visual dynamic of North East Ohio. Having drawn hundreds upon
hundreds of fliers for shows at many of the area venues, contributed to countless
art exhibits, had many solo exhibitions of his work and created huge murals for a
number of area locations including The Grog Shop, Melt Bar and Grilled, Big Fn,
and The Arts Collinwood Community Center, he has helped define the look and feel
of the region. Kelly also created a project titled 10 Imaginary Movies, in which
he painted fake movie posters and partnered with collaborator John G to create
fake ephemera to expand on the illusion. That project led to the duo's comic book
series, The Lake Erie Monster, which combines the influential style of 50s horror
comics with local history and playful nods to a time when comics didnt take
themselves so damned seriously.

Tim Kenyon
Tim is a constant writer and lover of comics and film. After his successful run with a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 he has been hard at work traveling to comic conventions and selling lots of copies of Endtime: The Arrival, the first in a graphic novel series. Among his other accomplishments are a short film, three novels, and lots of other stuff with words in them. Tim is an active member of the Michigan Comic Collective. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. When he's not writing he teaches it to the young, impressionable minds at Saginaw Valley State University in Mid-Michigan.
About Capstan Comics: Capstan Comics is a creative venture headed up by Tim and business partner/lifelong friend, Dale Lahue, as a means of bringing unique and entertaining creative works to adoring fans around the globe and around the corner

Dorian Lafferre
Dorian Lafferre is a metal and soul music junkie with an interest
in sophisticated ideas expressed through lowbrow art. He focuses on silkscreen
prints and comics, but will draw pretty much anything you dare him to.

Chad Lambert
Chad Lambert is a Harvey Award-nominated writer for his work in small press comics, including Possum At Large, Kill the Revisionist, Lost Grooves and Return to Point Pleasant. Chad is currently appearing in the pages of Dark Horse Presents in a series of autobiographical stories about his days in radio.
Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Lee moved to the East Coast from the Bay Area five years ago for snow and

fireflies. A fan of the green lush summers, she chose to stay in Pittsburgh. She
is the founder of the comic publication, The Green Stripe, and the organizer
behind the anthology Love and Monsters
Kat Klockow
The Miss Greg Comic is an online graphic novel about a grim reaper, a girl, and a whole
lot of supernatural adventure!
Miss Grey is an aloof Grim Reaper who has wandered the globe quelling negative
spirits and monsters for centuries. Bella Bonheur is a young paranormal
investigator whose obsession with the dark and occult leads her to make a bizarre
pact with Miss Grey- creating the most offbeat paranormal team on the planet.
Miss Grey is created by Vegapunk {aka Kat}, who is coincidentally, a paranormal
author, researcher, and radio show host.


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SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 4

Tim Fuller
Tim Fuller began self publishing cartoons in Hooha Comics in 1978. He contributed the series “The Blue Beagle,” to Fantagraphics’ Critters and “Cap’n Catnip” to Charlton Bullseye. Tim created countless strips and cartoons for various fanzines, mini comics and magazines, including The Comic Buyers Guide and Starlog.
In 2006, after a self-imposed exile from making comics, Tim came full circle and began actively publishing his cartoons again. He collected his various “Blue Beagle” stories into a book. In 2009 he began assembling a Cincinnati-based anthology, deliciously titled “Twelve-Way with Cheese.” The collaborative effort brought together a dozen like-minded artists who branded themselves The Zombie Marge Comix Group. His ongoing projects include a “Zombie Marge” webcomic, and SHAM Comics, his rewritten golden age stories.
His work cam be seen at and
Rodney Fyke
For more than twenty years Rodney has worked on and off in the
comics industry. From being a co-creator and writer in the 90s of the independent
superhero team Superior Seven to currently working full-time as the creator,
writer, artist, inker and colorist for his self-published comic book Peanut,
Puddin n Jelly, Unchained and his weekly web-comic Hard and Soft Taco. Both
titles are published through Hazzum Productions which he helped to co-found with
Tina McElhinney in 2010.
John G
John G is co-founder of Genghis Con, The Lake Erie Monster comic

series, the man behind the Melt posters, etc etc. John Gs name has become one
ingrained in the illustrative realm of Northeast Ohio; a veteran of the comic book
world from his humble beginnings early out of high school, to a transition to gig
posters, to his eventual collaboration with Jake Kelly on the celebrated comic
anthology, The Lake Erie Monster. The high caliber of his freelance grind and
expansive output cemented his authority, whether through poster art or comic
books, as a visual storyteller.
Penina Gal
Penina Gal makes a bunch of comics, including The Fire Messenger
(a middle grade fantasy story) and has co-created a bunch of weird stuff, from
Glamera to the Werewolf! anthology. Penina lives in Bloomington, Indiana with some

Jeff Gibbons
jeff Gibbons writes and draws Pretty Jeff, a comic about Jeff's alter ego Pretty Jeff. Adventures include a New Year's Eve party in Hell, getting frozen in a block of ice, and Pretty Jeff stressing out over the ghosts haunting his house. You can also find more of his stuff at Cowboy House.

Jimmy Gownley
Jimmy Gownley is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the
AMELIA RULES! series. He is a 13x Eisner nominee, and a 6x Harvey nominee. His
latest book THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER! is a graphic novel memoir about his early days
as a self-publishing teenaged cartoonist.
Lou Graziani
Lou Graziani draws the long running Cy-Boar web series. ( as well
as creates art for video games, Illustrations, Web/Graphic Designs & Photography.
He resides in the small town of Lexington, Ohio with his wife, 2 kids, a dog and
lots of toys. Lou helps organize the "24 Hour Comics Day" event in Mansfield each
year. You can tweet Lou: @lou_graz73

Sami Gyekye
Lost in Amsterdam when he was 10. Lost in the desert in Saudi Arabia when he was 15. Lost a few times embarrassingly as an adult in various places across the USA, Sami Gyekye now finds himself employed within's Fitting Department in Columbus, Ohio.
Drawing inspiration from personal experience, Sami has put together two children's books; "South: Halo's Journey" and "North: Reunion." He has visited SPACE on a couple of occasions as a customer, this will be his first time on the other side of the table. Exciting!

Clint Hall
Angst & Ennui is a webcomic that follows the adventures of a
marooned alien, his wino pal, and their genetically-modified simian tag-along.  Frequently dark and strange, set in an alternate version of the USA, the story has grown over the years to include a large cast of diverse characters.
Cody Hanes
 I am a concept artist, and I am in my final semester at CCAD. I enjoy
working on fantasy themed art, and take inspiration from nature. I am primarily a
digital painter.

Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison is the writer and artist of comics, Parity and
Fabricari. Parity is a sci-fi yarn about eternal life. Gamers upload their souls
to play in a fantasy world forever while their bodies are auctioned off to the
highest bidder. Fabricari documents the story of Myron Makere, a mechanic who
finds trouble with his robotic creations.

Taylor Hicks
Taylor Hicks is an eclectic illustrator and designer with a penchant for dance
music, indie video games, and spiritual themes. He makes everything from
silkscreen prints to twist-tie figurine sculptures.

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New Poster by Tom Williams!


Thursday Night... More SPACE Exhibitors!

Michael Anthony Carroll
Michael Anthony Carroll is that guy, off to the side, over there. I see him all the time...who IS he, anyway?!? He published his first mini-comic in 1987 and almost never looked back. He's consistently produced comics since age 10, using mediums ranging from crayon to vector. His approaches to character and dialogue have brought him a growing and enthusiastic following of people who really aren't related to him. He is currently publishing in various places online; in Jason Yates' series of themed anthologies, including "Loincloths" and "Tinmen"; in the Oh! Comics and SPACE anthologies for Bob Corby, and was a featured contributor to Jim Main's *PPFSZT! for Main Enterprises, and also contributed to the "Bowl Full of Happiness" sea monkeys anthology to raise funds for The Hero Initiative. And he created a picture font of ninjas. His current goal is to be the Leading Digital Stick Figure Cartoonist in Central Ohio. You can find him on Facebook, and at, but he lives in Columbus Ohio. He probably finished another 17 comic strips and three minicomics while writing this biographical note. The punk.

 Drunken Cat Comics
Drunken Cat Comics was founded 11 years ago as of 2012. Like many
great ideas it was born out of alcohol... and promises of more
alcohol. Brian Canini writes, draws and colors much of the work,
including the Ruffians series and the Mixed Drink Wednesdays webcomic.
Derek Baxter writes and draws the Daily Shot webcomic when he is not
taking hiatuses to slowly draw another full length comic. This year
they will be premiering four new books at SPACE. If you or a loved one
know of a feline who suffers from alcoholism, that is the definition
of hilariously tragic.

 Christopher Dunsmore
The Wizard of Odd is a continuation of the Dark World of Fantasy
webtoon. The story follows the fumbling, bumbling Dark Knight and his sabatious,
less than inteligent, side kick, Jason the Ogre.
Dr. Cadaver's Zombie Farm is a twisted documentary-style look inside the Doctor's
zombie research facility Cadaver Labs. Learn all there is to know about the Homo
Coprophagus Somnambulus or zombie as well as how Dr. Cadaver and his Cadaver Labs
came to be!

Gabriel Dunston
Gabriel Dunston makes comics and kids books that he's been
bringing to SPACE for a few years now. He's got a new book that he's super excited
to share with you!
Truth be told, you probably haven't heard of him unless you've seen him at this
show before.

Matt Dye
Detroit-based comic artist and graphic designer Matt Dye is the
creator of Nathan and the Land of Robots and Chewski. He's also no stranger to
drawing dinosaurs.

Terry Eisele
Terry Eisele has taught English for twenty years in places as far
flung as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, California, and Ohio. He is currently an
associate professor at Columbus State Community College. He received a masters
degree in comparative cultural studies from the Ohio State University. He reads
comics, supports Arsenal Football Club, and writes in his spare time. He lives in
Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Michelle, and their two dogs. With Only Five Plums
is his first graphic novel.

Ken Eppstein
I began working on Nix Comics in late 2010, with issue #1 of Nix Comics Quarterly (NCQ) hitting the stands in January of 2011. Previous to that I spent most of my spare time hunting down and reselling used and collectible garage rock and punk vinyl, which was a blast for many years... But to paraphrase Tesco Vee of the Meatmen, retail work is kind of like beating an old man with a stick... fun for a while but eventually it stops movin' and shaking. I sold off a big chunk of my record business stock to fund that first issue.
Nix Comics Quarterly was (and is) meant to be a Rock 'n' Roll Horror anthology... One half inspired by trash literature Tales from the Crypt, Creepy and Punk magazine and one half inspired by the larger-than-life lives and machine gun paced records of my favorite musical artists... The Ramones, the Cramps, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Howlin' Wolf, The Kinks, the Sonics, the Fleshtones, Et. Al.

 Danny Ferburton
Danny has been self-publishing since 2006. He was born
in New Hampshire but grew up in Florida. He's had comix in several magazines
including Candy or Medicine. He has several books currently available and new ones
will be printed for the con. 

Matt Feazell
Matt Feazell comics and spot illustrations have appeared in Disney Adventures and Nickleodeon Magazine. His regular weekly series, "The Amazing Cynicalman" appears in the Hamtramck Review and Flint Comix & Entertainment as well as at He's currently promoting his latest project, a 90-minute, live-action Cynicalman movie.

Sean Ford
Sean Ford is a cartoonist from Brooklyn, NY. His first comic
series, Only Skin, was collected by Secret Acres in 2012. He is working on his
second series, Shadow Hills. He attended the Center for Cartoon Studies in
Vermont. Now he works designing book interiors and takes his dog to the park. 

Andrew Frazer
Tiger thighs studio is a show case for the many comic and
sequential art projects of A.Fraser. Author artist A.Fraser has been working in
the field of comics for over ten years and has been published with such fine
publishers as Antarctic press and ... well I'm sure I can add somebody else to
that list eventually.
Joseph Freistuhler
Joseph Freistuhler is a freelance illustrator from the wastelands
of Northeast Ohio. His first self published work, the short comic "thirteen",
appeared in the anthology comic UGLI Studios Presents #2. "En Ténèbres" is his
first full length comic and will be self published in the spring of 2014. He has
also illustrated several maps that have appeared in the RPG industry and had a map
of New York featured in an art exhibition in New York City.


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More SPACE Exhibitor Bios

Drew Brockington
Like most illustrators his age, Drew has a beard and glasses. He
is currently finishing his first graphic novel, BEACON while simultaneously
drawing the fun all ages adventure comic Cat-Stronauts. He lives and works in
Ryan Burns
RUN Comics is an artist collective from Chicago IL. The daily
exercise of drawing is the motivation behind this collective. Members of RUN
Comics each produce at least an 8 page mini comic a month.
Matt Bryan, Mike McCubbins, and Jeanie Bryan
Matt Bryan, Mike McCubbins, and Jeanie Bryan are writers,
illustrators and animators from St. Louis, MO. They're recent works include the
graphic novel "Book of Da" and the minicomic series "Moses & Bean."
Mathew CalvertMathew Calvert is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design(BFA, 2010) and would have been a graduate of the University of Cincinnati (MFA2013) but he was expelled from that institution due to the controversial nature ofhis intended thesis, When the Heart Betrays the Blood. It's a graphic novel aboutthe nature of social identity, sins-of-the-father guilt, personal morality, andadolescent sexuality told in scratchboard and screenplay pages!
Tyrell Cannon
Tyrell’s comics work covers a wide range of genre, including
experimental comics (Simon), action/fantasy comics (Mighty), dramatic/true-crime
comics (Gary), and science-fiction (Victus). Tyrell Cannon’s Gary is a graphic
novel in 3 parts based on the life of the Green River Killer and was recently
accepted to Comixology Submit. Tyrells newest comic, Victus, is a deus-scientia
fiction comic that explores both the purity and corruption of human relationships.
Jared Catherine
Jared Catherine is a cartoonist who self-publishes his own series,
Incrediman Comix & Stories. Jareds work has appeared in various publications since
1996, starting with a series of Incrediman strips in his high school newspaper and
includes a controversial series of editorial cartoons for Penn State Universities
Daily Collegian. He recently launched Incrediman Web Comix at Jared is also a co-host on the Pittsburgh based podcast,
Comic Book Pitt.
Colleen Clark
Colleen Clark loves dogs, Star Trek, Tina Fey, and the happy things in life. Her

works, including several comics highlighting body image issues, have been featured
in Huffington Post, The Columbus Dispatch, The Gloss, and Marie Claire.

Ryan Claytor
Ryan Claytor is a comics artist and professor living in Lansing,
Michigan. He currently teaches Comics Studio courses at Michigan State University
and the University of Michigan Flint. As a creator, Claytor is most widely known
for his self-published, autobiographical, comic book series
"And Then One Day." Last year, he was presented with the 2012 SPACE Prize award
for best Mini-Comic/Short Story for his comic, "And Then One Day #9."

Kel Crum
Kel Crum has been one of the top writers for radio personality Gary Burbank for over twenty years.
He first jumped into the small press field in 1989 with a humble little book called "Dangerous Birds", which told the story of two birds who sue a seed company and learn from the human world that lawsuits can be a wonderful way to earn a steady income. Don't hold your breath but Kel has not ruled out the chance that it could someday become a Broadway musical starring Matthew Broderick and Mandy Patinkin. Better yet, hold your breath and see if that works.
Twenty-something apartment-dweller Cornelia Dodson was introduced the following year in a story called "Captain Armand's Ship of Sin", long out of print. Corny was soon followed by Ed Thud, Ronald Muck, Helen Boomer, and Reba Moonves, probably in that order. A collection of stories from over the years are in a popular paperback called "The Cornelia Collection" now available on Amazon.
Kel lives in Fairborn, Ohio with his wife Debra and their two loyal pet rats, Maggie and Daisy.

Kevin Czapiewski
Czap Books is a one-person publisher/distro operating out of

Cleveland, OH. The goal is to expand the scope of Kevin Czaps self-publishing to
serve as a vehicle for comics work that teases the boundaries of the form. The
work itself tends toward the design and poetic side of comics. Known as the Comics
Mom to friends, Kevin sees Czap Books as a growing family of artists to be
supported and nurtured.
Matt Dembicki
Matt Dembicki is a member of the D.C. Conspiracy, a Washington
comics-making collective that publishes the semi-annual free comics
newspaper 'Magic Bullet.' He edited and contributed to the Eisner and Harvey
nominated 'Trickster' and 'District Comics' anthologies. Other works include 'Xoc:
The Journey of a Great White, 'Mr. Big: A Tale of Pond Life' and 'They Came to See
Me Die!'
Sean M Dempsey
Sean M Dempsey graduated from the Savannah College of Art and
Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. His independent comics focus on curiosity and
adventure through traveling or misfit characters. Whether in a comic,
illustration, or cartoon, his stories embrace a balance of innocent and cynical
protagonists. Sean hopes to create diverse, relatable characters that the audience
can witness their inner growth, discovery, and individuality.

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First Batch of Exhibitor Bios

Eric Adams
Eric Adams is best known for the recently completed, creator-ownedcomic series, LACKLUSTER WORLD a satire about a man with albinism fending off his
fanatically religious siblings while using vandalism and his journalism career to
change his lackluster world. It has been nominated for the 2004 Howard E Day
Prize, the 2008, 2010, and 2012 S.P.A.C.E. Prize and won the 2010 Champion City
award for Best Limited Series. He is also the writer of REFLECTION, a 2009
S.P.A.C.E. Prize winner; the artist of STUART, which ran in NEGATIVE BURN; and a
contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a thorough series of
articles about the business and marketing comics from the self-publisher perspective.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Fanboys are like @$$holes. Er...that means they go well with opinions. And the Menagerie of Kick-Assery podcast/blogcast is no different.
Hosted by That_Urban_Punk (Android Massacre), Derek Scarzilla (Action A Go Go), Troy-Jeffrey Allen (Bamn, District Comics), and producer Gene Green,  "The Menagerie" invites internet personalities, the contemporary denizens of geek, indie comic creators, ne'erdowells, and soandsos to dissect our beloved geek culture...with a dash of saltiness.
We are M.O.K.A...and now so are you

Dan Anderson
All for a Punchline is the web comic, company, and passion of
young artist Dan Anderson. He produces it by going to improv shows and taking
pictures. He then sorts through the photos, picks one or two that he likes and
then puts them into Adobe Illustrator to hand trace them with a pen and tablet
adding any props and costumes that he sees fit.

Leslie and Jarod Anderson
Leslie and Jarod Anderson (no relation) live in Ohio. Leslie has a MA in poetry, an obsession with ponies, and a deep love of pretty hats. Jarod has a MA in literature, a steadily worsening tattoo addiction, and a comprehensive knowledge of snake care (not a euphemism).

Shawn Atkins
Shawn Atkins was born and raised in Ohio. Moved to Pittsburgh, where he draws
comics and goes on adventures with his lovely wife and daughter, Amelia. Some of the comics includes Gello
Apocalypse and Explorers of the Unknown and Memory.

Jono Balliett
I make minicomics & webcomics. I've exhibited at KRC, SPX, & a few
other small shows. Minicomics are great & I enjoy making them!

Suzanne Baumann
Suzanne  likes to make things. She’s been publishing
minicomics under the name Fridge Magnet Concoctions since 1995. Before that, when she was a kid, she made her comics public by sticking them on the refrigerator with a magnet. Hence the name.
She lives in Hamtramck, Michigan, which is located in Detroit and is a city apart. She is partially responsible for the awesomeness that is
Hatch: A Hamtramck Art Collective.
She also works at a full-time job which is unrelated to anything about comics.

 Heidi Black and Becca Hillburn
Heidi Black and Becca Hillburn are part of the comic collective
Rascals, Rogues and Dames. They believe in comics by women, and for everyone.

Pam Bliss
Pam Bliss has been making minicomics since 1989 and she hasn't
stopped yet. Most of her comics are set in Kekionga, the small town in Indiana
where anything can happen, and feature an eclectic cross section of its
residents. Hijinks occur, and the comics sometimes get philosophical as well.
Learn more about minicomics and how to make them, and read some Kekionga stories
on line, at
When she isn't drawing and making up stories, Pam enjoys photography, reading
other people's stories, learning weird facts, and playing with her Welsh corgi dogs.

Lee Bradford
Cannibal Coalition is a small collection of friends, hailing from
different states, who all do something creative. We bounce ideas off of each other
and one of us will eventually get those things down on paper. In addition to comic
books, the Cannibal Coalition also does short stories, jewelry, and one of them
even went the extra mile and made her own Tarot deck. Lee will be offering tarot
readings as well as selling art. Keep a look-out for us!
Ron Braun
Ron Braun is an accomplished cartoonist and illustrator whose
creative endeavors have included the comic strips Life As We Know It, Hello Cruel
World and Toon It Up among others. His work has appeared in local, national and
international publications. Ron has released several books as well. The most
recent, My Best Friend is an Idiot!, has ranked as high as third on Lulus Top 100
Bestselling Comics & Graphic Novels list. He also co-founded the Indy Webcomics
Group, a community of comic writers and artists in the Indianapolis area.
Currently on the drawing board is Rons first graphic novel, Once Upon A Platypus,
an all-ages tale about a young girl whose discovery of a talking platypus plunges
her into a wild and dangerous adventure. As a companion project, he has also
created a series of prints featuring the storys co-star, a pudgy platypus named
Dakk Waggitt, assuming the identities of various superheroes and movie icons.
You can find Ron online at, ronbraun and toonitupart on Facebook
and @toonitup on Twitter.

Axel Breen
Fight or Flight takes place in a world much like our own but with one major difference. For reasons unknown people from all corners of the globe begin to display feats of amazing power. Tensions between this group of people now dubbed the contaminated and the rest of humanity has reached the breaking point. Right when things seem to be beyond hope, in comes Project Phoenix. A group of human and contaminated alike united under a common cause, to prevent the annihilation of the two races.