Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIX Schedule is UP!

The schedule for the proceedings of the MIX 2012: CCAD's Celebration of Comics is up. MIX is
Oct. 3–6 at the CCAD Campus with Keynote Speaker, Chris Ware.
Check out the schedule and register early at
I will be participating in the Indie Comix Spotlight at 4:15 PM on Friday, October 5 and hanging around all weekend.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

District Comics

District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC  hit the comic stands last week. Edited by long time SPACE Exhibitor Matt Dembicki and chuck full of former SPACE exhibitors.
District Comics is a graphic anthology featuring lesser-known stories about Washington, DC, from its earliest days as a rustic settlement along the swampy banks of the Potomac to the modern-day metropolis. Spanning 1794–2009, District Comics stops along the way for a duel, a drink in the Senate's speakeasy, a look into the punk scene, and much more.
And we got the line up!
Peter Conrad
Rebecca Goldfield
Jacob Warrenfeltz
Tabitha Whissemore
Max Ink
Jeff McComsey
Sean Fahey
Art Haupt
Kevin Rawlings
Jason Rodriguez
Andrew Cohen
Scott O. Brown
Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Rand Arrington
Mal Jones
Jim Ottaviani
Mike Freiheit
Chad Lambert
Mike Rhode
Rafer Roberts
Gregory Robison
Joe Carabeo
Carolyn Belefski
Jeff Barrus
Charles Fetherolf
Michael Cowgill
Dale Rawlings
Tom Williams
Brooke Allen
Michael Brace
Nick Sousanis
Steve Loya
Kevin Czapiewski
Kevin Rechin
Evan Keeling
Paul Zdepski
Wendi Strang-Frost
Borja Pena
See Matt and many of District Comics contributors at SPACE 2013 April 13 & 14, 2013.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Books from SPACE reviewed in SP!

Self PublisherMagazine #57 is now available on-line as a free down load and contains even more reviews of books the Ian picked up at SPACE 2012 including:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ #1by Aaron Trudgeon, and George McVey
White Buffalo Gazette - Feb 2010 Edited by Buzz Buzzizyk, with over 50 some contributors

Fantasy Theater #21 by J. Kevin Carrier

Stuff By Jed Collins

The Life and Death of Mr. Burger by Derek Baxter

Tim Corrigan's Mightyguy - Out to Lunch by Tim Corrigan

Kekionga Mini Works #33 by Pam Bliss

World Without Love by Verl Holt Bond

Stranger Knights #2 Edited by Bill Volk, with work by Bill, Casey Bohn, Mary Soper, Holly Foltz, Morgan Pielli, and Shawn Atkins.

And Brian  John Mitchell's "Comics in a Bottle" Article.

and a lot more at

SPACE Exhibitor Lara Antal interviewed at