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2016 Big Comics Show is looking for Exhibitors

One of my stops this year will be the Big Comics Show at the Pickerington Public Library,  They are still looking for exhibitors. Sign up at


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Sunday, November 15, 2015

SPACE 2016 Exhibitor Registration is Open

Exhibitor table registration is open for SPACE 2016 at Exhibitor Info

SPACE 2016 is April 9 & 10, 2016 at the Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus OH


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2015 SPACE Prize Entries !!!

 All the entries for the 2015 SPACE Prize are posted at SPACE Prize Page

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SPACE 2016!!!

SPACE 2016

April 9 & 10, 2016
Northland Performing Arts Center
4411 Tamarack Blvd.
Columbus OH 43229
 Now with FREE Admission!


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Here are all the videos, blog posts etc. about SPACE 2015 I could find.

The Storm: S.P.A.C.E. Special pt. 1

SPACE in 57 seconds by Bruce Rosenberger
SPACE! 2015 SHOUT OUTS 7/21 by Joseph and the DeadSea Skrilla

UVN- SPACE Prize Presentation

Ryan Claytor/Elephant Eater  2015 SPACE Wrap-up
Victor Dandridge/ Vantage: Inhouse

Optical Sloth Revies of books fro SPACE:
A Pantomine Horse #3
Mean  Goat Adventures #1.5

The Circle

Out of Time Studios

Lauren McCallister-

Capricorn Comix

Jason Young
Columbus Monthly

Columbus Alive

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Special Guest-Joyce Brabner

Joyce Brabner is an award-winning author who frequently collaborated with her late husband, Harvey Pekar, on his American Splendor series. Her work includes the Real War Stories series, Activists!, Brought to Light (with Alan Moore), and Our Cancer Year (with Pekar). She lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

Winner of the 2015 Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Graphic Novel
A Village Voice Best Graphic Novel of 2014

The renowned graphic-book author Joyce Brabner's Second Avenue Caper is the true story of a tight-knit group of artists and activists living in New York City in the early 1980s who found themselves on the front lines in the fight against AIDS.
Struggling to understand the disease and how they could help, they made a deal with a bona fide goodfella, donned masterful disguises, piled into an "A-Team" van, and set off for the border, determined to save their bedridden friends by smuggling an experimental drug into the United States from Mexico.
With their community in crisis and the world turned against them, this impassioned gang of misfits never gave up hope as they searched for ways to raise awareness and beat the plague. Fast-paced, poignant, and beautifully illustrated by the award-winning illustrator Mark Zingarelli, Second Avenue Caper is a heartfelt tribute to the generation that faced down AIDS.


SPACE Exhibitor Part 7!!!!

Ann Uland and Emily Willis:
Ann Uland and Emily Willis are a comic creating duo that have been working together since 2012. Their mission is to create comics that highlight the inherit uniqueness and diversity in everyone, as well as make the kinds of LGBT comics they would have loved to read growing up!

Noah Van Sciver:
Noah Van Sciver started self-publishing comics ten years ago. Since then he has put out dozens of comics with some of the best publishers in the country, and his work is available around the world. In 2015, he has released three new comics, including 'My Hot Date', which is a SPACE debut.

Jack Wallace:

Disposable Fiction is a one-shot anthology of 15 self contained stories ranging from five to
twenty pages each. They book is 126 pages long, including credits. All of these stories are in black and white. Each story has a different artist, but the same writer. The material of each story is quite different. In one story, a schizophrenic homeless man is driven to save a young boy in peril. There's a story where a gay man and a bachlorette move in together once the government passes a law that states that all single people must be married to someone of the opposite sex by the age of thirty. In another story, a forest nymph becomes human and takes over the corporation that is poisoning her forest. There's also an actiontale about a race across town to get into a secret spy organization. All this and still eleven to go. 

John M. Waller Sewell:
John M. Waller Sewell is the writer and publisher of Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things, an anthology series devoted to telling differing genres of stories with a variety of new and upcoming artists. He also has stories published by Incubator Press.

Michael Watson:
The Definition of Freestyle Komics- An unrestricted free movement of thought expressed
through hand and received in Komic form.

Anne Knight Weber:
Anne Knight Weber loves to make books, but she is not a bookie. While in pursuit of a Masters in Writing she fell in love with telling stories using images. She was surprised and confused by the strong reactions her fellow writers and readers and teachers had to her work back in 2011. She finds it very silly to write about herself in the third person, but since she needs to get on with registering, it is too late to change personal pronouns now.
 Her comics and maps open up conversations on many topics, but she has been especially glad to hear from readers who were once afraid to share their experiences with the mental health challenges facing themselves, their families and their communities.
This is her first trip to a small press and zine expo and she is excited to see the work of more established comic artists. Thanks for reading.  

Max Wheeler:
Gnarly As I Wanna Be makes independent prints, music, zines, comics and more. We distro
a variety of zines/comics/prints from a variety of artists from around the globe.
"Selling Art For The Forever Strange"

Joshua Werner:
Joshua Werner is an author and illustrator from the lower peninsula of Michigan. After graduating from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Josh moved back to the Detroit area and formed As Fall Leaves Illustration where he does freelance illustration and design work for movies, books, comics, bands, magazines, trading cards, and more. He’s worked on several licensed properties, including Vampirella (Dynamite Comics), Warlord of Mars (Dynamite Comics), Transformers (Hasbro, Paramount), Avengers Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios), and many others. Along with writer Trico J. Lutkins, Josh co-founded the indie publishing company Source Point Press, which he is now the Art Director for. He does pencils, inks, and lettering on comic titles such as Jack of Spades, Source Point Presents, and Zombie Rush: Riot. He’s also an author, having written The Brutality of Fact, Adoration for the Dead, and his latest horror novella Rampant. His writing can also be found in the books Alter Egos Volume 1, Feast of the Dead, Feast of the Dead: Hors D’oeuvres, and Lycan Lore.  

Jason Wilkins:
Jason Wilkins (JTW) has been creating mini comics since his pre-teens but started doing
comics seriously in 2004, when he self-published his first comic zine Lunchbox. Since then, he was part of the Local DC Conspiracy comic scene in which his work can be seen in the Magic Bullet Comic Newspaper, Suspect Device 4, Main Enterprises Various publications, and The Afrofuturist. He has labeled his technique in coloring and effects as "Hi-Octane".

Anthony Whitten:
Anthony Whitten has been creating characters for comics since he was 7 years old. He creates characters that are visually striking and unique.

Daniel Wyke:
Daniel Wyke hails from Pittsburgh, PA and draws comics, and sometimes even prints them into books.

Bruce Worden:

Best known (so far) for the picture book Goodnight Keith Moon, Bruce is sticking to his classic rock guns with his ongoing comic series Woodstalk: 3 Days of Peace, Music, and Zombies the forgotten story of the zombie outbreak during the Woodstock music festival. He's only about 1/8 of the way through the story so far, so he's probably happy to just be sitting at a table talking about comics for a couple days instead of slaving over them at his desk. So come say hi before he goes back home to Ann Arbor, MI with his wife and son.

Lee Xopher:
Lee Xopher is a cartoonist best known for his comic series "Rock of Pages," which is part semi-utobiographical-coming-of-age-story, and part time-travel-sci-fi-adventure! He also works as an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, and mediocre musician. His current physical location is Cincinnati, Ohio, Earth-0, and his online form exists at

Nate Xopher:
Nate Xopher is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and a huge fan of pop culture, comics, movies and cartoons. His work focuses on making fun, stylized versions of the characters we all know and love.


SPACE Exhibitors Part 6!

Lee Smith:
Lee Smith has been producing Ohio Chronicles since 2011. An Ohio University graduate,
Lee was an elementary school classroom teacher for 20+ years in the Columbus City Schools. His interest in helping students learn through comic books inspired him to create a comic book series devoted to the history of Ohio. Each of the bi-monthly issues features a historical narrative, an informational background comic and primary sources based on a specific historic event. Ohio Chronicles has been featured in newspaper articles throughout Ohio and is available at numerous Museums across the state.

Sarah Sobole:
Sarah Sobole is a cartoonist from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about the power of cuteness.

Tyler and Sara Sowles:
Killustration Studios is comprised of Tyler and Sara Sowles. Both are graduates of Kendall
College of Art and Design and work together on indy and self published comics, fan prints and other
freelance art ventures. Tyler primary does the pencils and inks and Sara digitally colors, letters and does
layout and graphic design. Their current titles that they work on together include Hank Steiner: Monster
Detective, Durontus, and Tandoori Apocalypse. Tyler is also is the lead artist on Fallstreak and (Arcana's)
The Numbered.
Brian and Brandon Spicer:

The Spicer Brothers Spotlight
Adrian Coburn stood out as an example of what one good cop could do in a city rotten to its core with
corruption. His crusade to clean up the city drew the unwanted attention of those who didn't want the city
saved, and they took everything away from him. Now, physically disfigured, psychologically maimed, and
legally dead, Coburn continues his crusade against the corrupt as Mulciber, a vigilante intent on purifying
his city with fire. This issue spotlight's Mulciber's earliest appearance in PLB Comic's Halloween Special aswell as work The Spicer Brothers have done for PLB Comic's vigilante, The Fall. It also includes a brand new ten page Mulciber story.

Tom Spurgeon:
Tom Spurgeon is the owner and operator of The Comics Reporter.
Dan Stafford & Kilgore Books:

Kilgore Books & Comics is a micropress from Denver, CO. We've been a bricks and mortar

shop since 2008, and have published comics since 2010. Our lineup includes Noah Van Sciver's 'Blammo' series, the John P. documentary, 'Root Hog or Die', the handwritten interview collection 'I Hope This Finds You Well', 'Blindspot' by Joseph Remnant, and a handful of others.

Ben T. Steckler:
Ben T. Steckler has been writing and drawing mini-comics since 1995. He's published the series "Ska-Toons", "Get BenT!", and "Unshaven Chi". He's also produced many popular one-shot minis, including "Yugo-Girl", "Fluffy The Pet Fart", "Quincy the Scaredy-Cat", and "Peeps et Beans". He's published a series of popular parodies of Jack Chick tracts, and was nominated in 2001 for the Ignatz Award as "Promising New Talent". In recent years, he has turned to Stand-Up Comedy, through which hemet the Bizarre Heath Walkemeyer, the subject of his latest comic, "Stand-Up Comics presents: In-Bred."
Steve Steiner:

Mullet Turtle Comics features humorous comics from the mind of Steve Steiner ...which are about neither mullets nor turtles. Books and more can be purchased at

Jason Strutz:
Jason Strutz is the illustrator behind the Cask of Amontillado and upcoming The House of Montresor graphic novel with Enrica Jang from Red Stylo Media, The Order of Dagonet from Action Lab Entertainment. He also self-publishes a variety of Make Your Own Comics, ABC books, and other comics. You can find more at

Tim Switalski :
A sequential adaptation of the song "I Hung My Head", chronicling the consequences and guilt of
a carless action and the inevitability of the end.

Joseph Tenney:
KnightHarsher/RetroForce is the result of a decade of repressed superhero fantasy. Based on a collection of sketches & stories once committed only to journals, Joseph felt a deep desire to present them in sequential form. Fearing that he would forget about is Original Characters, and in essence himself. 

Evan Thomas:
Stheno the Gorgon, sister of the once-legendary Medusa, wanders the vibrant new world
that has risen in the wake of Olympus' destruction, searching for her monstrous siblings.

  • SPACE Exhibitors Part 5!


    J.M. Hunter:

    J.M. Hunter (°1977, Montclaire, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By replaying the work for each exhibition and pushing the evocative power of the work a little further, Hunter touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognised, such as the relation with popular culture and media, working with repetition, provocation and the investigation of the process of expectations.

    His artworks often refers to pop and mass culture. Using written and drawn symbols, a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined is created. By applying abstraction, he creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles.
    His works are presented with the aim not to provide an idealistic view but to identify where light and the environment are important. The energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual

    Andy “Shaggy” Korty:

    Andy “Shaggy” Korty learned to read because of comics; so they are VERY important to him.Andy has been drawing and writing stories most of his life.  He graduated from the University of St. Francis with a B.A. in Fine and Commercial Art – focusing in Illustration. He has worked in news print and large format signage but his passion has always been creating comics. Weather it is with a team or on his own; Andy loves to make them.Andy has studied the business techniques from everyone from big companies, to individual creators. He has also recently become the Business Manager for Empire Comics Lab. Below is a bibliography of Andy’s printed works:
    Fred & Jesse – Co-creator, Writer
    Don Clemmer’s For Real – Co-creator, Artist
    The Manor – Creator
    Lafayette: Our Cancer Year – Cover Artist, Writer, Artist, Letterer
    P.I. Jane Vol. 2: The Weird Cases – Guest Artist
    A Priest in the Family – Artist
    Punching the Clock Vol. 3 and 4 – Guest Artist
    Cemetery Plots #1 – Writer, Artist, Letterer
    Tales of the Wolfman – Artist, Letterer (Due out in December)
    Ned: the Monster Under the Bed – Artist (Due out in December)
    Andy has also done crossovers with his comic The Manor and other comic strips such as On the Grind, Punching the Clock, P.I. Jane, Hard and Soft Taco, Platrick and Swampie. He has been a guest writer and/or artist for The Deadlys, Monsterhood, Cynical Stew, and Say What!?!. These remain only published online.
    You can read more of Andy’s adventures at

    Michael Neno:
    Michael Neno has been writing, drawing and publishing comics for over 25 years. He also freelances writing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, painting and designing. Some of his many clients include: Burger King, Airship 27, Dark Horse Comics, the Tulsa Oklahoma Boy's Home, Cracked Magazine, Caliber comics, Moosepath Press, the YMCA, Paul Pope's Horse Press, Frankie's Pizza, ABCO printing, Asia's Hope, Headshrinker's Press, and SPACE! Neno won a Xeric Grant to publish ReactionaryTales, the debut of his Signifiers Universe.

    Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas

    "Chris “Uncle Staple” Nicholas is the founder and lead organizer of STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo, the premiere indie-comics show of the Southwest, held annually in Austin, Texas since 2005.

     In collaboration with artist David Lamplugh, Chris has self-published the comics That Damned Cat, (a supernatural black comedy inspired by the true story of the cat that knows when you are going to die) and You Chose Right The First Time (a 240 page crime-noir epic set in 60’s Chicago), both of which will be appearing at S.P.A.C.E. for their very first time!"



    Arley Owens:
    Arley Owens, Founder of Earth Team Green and CEO/President of Earth 1 Eco-Enterprises, is passionate about environmental education and set a goal to use eco-storytelling to reach and teach the next generation about how to protect and respect the environment. To accomplish this goal, Arley created an eye catching, attention holding, bold new Eco-Thriller Comic Book Series titled “Earth Team Green.”  Arley has introduced his comic books to over 3000 students at schools to include; Hedges Elementary, Prospect Elementary and Malabar Middle School, located in Mansfield, Ohio, Hannah Ashton Middle School and Summit Road Elementary School located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Buckeye North Elementary School, located in Brilliant, Ohio, Century Oaks Elementary School, located in Elgin, Illinois and Thurgood Marshall Academy, located in Washington DC.  Arley has made presentations on Earth Team Green’s, “Eco Thriller Comic Books for the Classroom Edutainment System,” at the Environmental Education Council of Ohio Conferences the Ohio Association of Litter Prevention and Recycling Professionals Conference and at the National Recycling Coalition Annual Conference. The Earth Team Green Eco-Thriller Comic Books Series has seven issues in print. Arley is presently writing the Screen Play for a feature length movie, “Eco-Warriors of The Rainbow – Earth Team Green,” which will be filmed in Ohio.
    Arley is a graduate of The Ohio State University with BA in Communications and holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.  Arley serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Ohio Recyclers. Arley is a former employee of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention  where during tenure his “A Team” created and implemented statewide award winning  environmental awareness and education programs to include Plant Pride Not Litter, Recycle with Ohio Zoos and Pride In Public Housing. His staff, under his supervision, created the Recycle, Ohio! Program and Lucky The Lady Bug, Ohio’s First Lady of Litter Prevention. Arley was recently recognized by the Association of Ohio Recyclers as one of the nine individuals and three businesses who have made a major impact on Ohio’s Recycling Industry. Arley is a twenty year resident of Reynoldsburg and is an active Board Member of the Slate Ridge Civic Association. He is married to Audrey Owens and has two sons Kevin and Ryan.

    Maryanne Rose Papke:
    Maryanne self-publishes a number of weird and cute, sometimes epic comics. Of note: the mostly silent story of Ghost Castle, and the whimsical adventures of the stick figure, Tile. 

    Randall Pare:
    Speakeasy Primates is an independent multinational cooperative creator studio. We are proud to present a variety of independent small press offerings for sale. Our member artists and writers have collaborated on some fine limited edition art prints, short story and novella anthologies, poetry collections, comics and graphic novels.

    John  Porcellino:

    JOHN PORCELLINO was born in Chicago, in 1968, and has been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics, comics, and graphic novels for over thirty years. His celebrated self-published series King-Cat Comics, begun in 1989, has inspired a generation of cartoonists. Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, a collection of King-Cat stories about Porcellino’s experiences as a pest control worker, won an Ignatz Award in 2005, and Perfect Example, first published in 2000, chronicles his struggles with depression as a teenager. King-Cat Classix and Map of My Heart, published in 2007/2009, offer a comprehensive overview of the zine’s first sixty-one issues, while Thoreau at Walden (2008) is a poetic expression of the great philosopher’s experience and ideals. According to cartoonist Chris Ware, “John Porcellino’s comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive.”
    Porcellino’s work has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, and Korean. He currently lives in Beloit, Wisconsin.

    Stu Rase:
    Stu Rase is a thirty-something High School teacher, freestyle rapper, and comic book writer. He's the author and artist of two books: Teacher Strips, auto-biographical humor about memorable moments in his classroom; and The Undad, an all-ages book about a zombie father trying to raise his daughter.
    Before becoming a teacher, Stu performed all over the country as an improvisational comedian. After becoming a teacher, he's given up on most of his dreams, had a kid, and spends his free time huddled over an art board desperately clinging to his youth.

    Ashley Ribblett:

    Ashley is a full time nerd/part time illustrator currently living and practicing her craft in Cleveland, OH. She loves drawing anything and everything weird, sexy and weirdly sexy. In her free time she also co-runs the Cleveland branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and makes crazy drawings with her cool circle of art pals the Scribble Nerds!
    Find her on instagram @tentaclees or her art blagh

    Lorenzo Ross :
    A native of Chicago, Lorenzo Ross writes and draws several titles for Alternative City Comics including Complicated Hair, a slice of life strip featuring hipsters & misfits working retail in an art supply store, Ninja Bunny Assassin, a web comic and Awesome 5!, a lighthearted satirical take on the super-hero genre. More examples of his work can be seen at and Books, prints and more are available on www.etsy/store/psychicunicorns

    Bri Rudd:

    Bri Rudd has a webcomic. It's called Oh No, Bri, because that's what your friends say when they find out you usually eat scrambled eggs for dinner. Or you spend a WILD weekend re-watching Leverage. Or you explain, pretty insistently, what is important in a good brownie. Find her at

    Alissa Sallah, Juan Argil, Amelia Sealy & Chris Passabet:
    We are a team of students from CCAD who have been studying comics and are selling an assortment of comics and prints!

    Ian Shires:
    Ian continues to strive to promote small press, self published, indy stuff, in new and innovative ways as he has been doing for almost 30 years now.
    Christine Skelly:
    Christine Skelly is an illustrator and writer of comics, currently illustrating Mt. Olyphant, written by Jake Ziemba. She is also working on several illustrated short stories, such as Felis Leon, and a zine series titled Modern Mythos.
    Ted Sikora:
    Ted Sikora is the creator, co-writer, colorist and letterer of Apama The Undiscovered Animal which tells the offbeat story of the Cleveland’s own resident superhero. Ted also directed, co-wrote, and co-produced the independent feature film, Hero Tomorrow. which debuted at Comic Con International and was featured on IFC, Attack of the Show and Films In Review. He calls both Cleveland and Akron his home. See more of Ted’s work at and


    SPACE Minicomics Celebration!!!!


    We're really kicking the Minicomics Celebration into high gear with 30 new minicomics!


    SPACE Exhibitors Part 4!

    Troy Boyle:
    Troy Boyle (b.July 28, 1966) is an American comic book artist and writer. Boyle has worked for Image Comics, Desperado Publishing, Caliber Press, and Boneyard Press. Some of Boyle's comic book art is included in Mysterious Visions Anthology, Ppfszt!, Tribute, and The Return of Happy the Clown. He most recently provided artwork for David Gerrold's comic "A Doctor For the Enterprise!"

    Kevin Czap:

    Czap Books is a one-person publisher/distro operating out of Cleveland, OH. The goal is to expand the scope of Kevin Czap’s self-publishing to serve as a vehicle for comics work that teases the boundaries of the form. The work itself tends toward the design and poetic side of comics. Described as “the Comics Mom,” Kevin sees Czap Books as a growing family of artists to be supported and nurtured

    Tyne Lowe and Nora Burghardt:
    Tyne Lowe and Nora Burghardt like making books with words and pictures in them. Tyne enjoys making crooked little autobiography comics, drawing cats, and making stamps. Nora enjoys drawing
    fractured faces, binding books, and sometimes calligraphy.

    Trico Lutkins:
    Source Point Press is an independent press that publishes anthologies, novels, chapbooks,
    comics, and graphic novels. We're a small business looking to contribute big things to the world of art and
    writing. We hope you'll join in on our creative endeavors by picking up a book and letting us know what you

    Sarah Machicado:
    Sarah Machicado is a graphic designer based in south Florida. She specializes in visual
    branding, package design, illustration and designing zines. Sarah is currently a game artist at
    Upsidedownslide and works as a graphic designer at a tech start-up company called Magic Leap.
    Steve Mancione:

    Steve Mancione is a Chicago based artist and life long resident of the Windy City.  He has worked in many mediums, including painting and printmaking, but his passion is graphic narrative--namely--comics.  After a trip through art school at Eastern Illinois University, he moved on to Columbia College's Book and Paper program as a graduate student and received his MFA. He has published a short story in Columbia's comic anthology Linework in 2010 entitled Have a Nice Trip.  Steve self published his next story  Blue Collar Black Sheep as a large format gallery show, exhibiting the 44 pages of comics printed on his own hand made paper in 2011 at Arcade Gallery in Chicago.  In 2012, he started drawing and co-writing his own book Career Suicide, which debuted at CAKE in 2013.  He has participated in many group gallery shows and continues to work on new issues of Career Suicide as well as developing a new series to be named soon...

    Lauren McCallister:
    Lauren McCallister makes weird drawings and comics about her life and the lives of others. You should read them.

     Bob McHenry / MixmeH Hyperworld:
    A highly evolved alien race creates an entire world designed to hold prisoners from all over the universe. The planet has an Artificial Intelligence that creates Wardens to maintain the prisons and keeps the system intact. 1000 years go by and the planet becomes a home; all who call the planet forget its original purpose.  MixmeN Hyperworld tells the story of the wardens, the factions they’ve fallen into, and how each battles the other to protect theie own version of right and wrong.
    Andrew Meyerhoefer & Seth Kumpf:
    Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy features the humorous all-ages Weird West
    adventures of a mummified bounty hunter and his one-eyed horse, Neighclops.

    T. Perran Mitchell:
    T. Perran Mitchell is the Creator of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor a high adventure comic
    published quarterly. It combines the the wonder of The Lord of the Rings with the drama of Law and
    Order. In addition to creating his own comics, T. also is a letterer have worked on comics for Firestorm
    comics and R-Comics.

    Chris Monday:

    I make comics and art. Primarily I have been focusing on my series, "Drink More Water."
    See some online for free at, and check out the printed issues for some other content. #3 will be out soon.

    Joseph Morris:
    Joseph Morris is the Owner and Operator of TORC Press, a small press publisher based out
    of the middle of nowhere in Southern Illinois. His comics include "The Hot Fudge Sundae Adventure Club",
    "Skull Mob", and "SDF". He's currently creating his own cross over event comic just for the heck of it.