Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 SPACE Prize Finalists

We are proud to announce the Finalists for the 2010 SPACE Prize.

General Category:

Cragmore Book One by Pat N. Lewis
The Ginkgo and the Marriage Tree by Amber Scharf
Lackluster World #6 by Eric Adams
Mirror Mind by Tory Woollcott
Panel 13 to 15 Edited by Dara Naraghi, Tony Goins & Sean McGurr
Radio Free Gahanna by James Moore & Joel Jackson
Reed Gunther #3 by Shane Houghton & Chris Houghton
Spud & Harry by Mike Kitchen
Tiny Life- Left by Nick Jones & Nicolas Colacitti
Trickster Edited Matt Dembicki

Minicomic/ Short Story Category:

Board of Superheroes #2 by Matt Feazell
Candy or Medicine #7, 8 &9 &Free Comic Book Day Special Edited by Josh Blair
Cowboy Songs of the Old West by Brent Bowman
Flesh by Tory Woollcott
Plastic Farm #15-17 by Rafer Roberts & Matt Dembicki
Reed Gunther in Stupid Cows by Shane Houghton & Chris Houghton
Rooster Jack vs the Mermaids by Ben Zmith, Laura Ault & Adam Hansen
Ultimate Loss Kisses #11 by Brian John Mitchell & Dave Sim
Veggie Dog Saturn #4 by Jason Young
Xoc #1-3 by Matt Dembicki

Webcomics Category:

Champ 2010 by Jed Collins
Pretty Jeff by Jeff Gibbons
Short Pants Romance by Jordan Lowe & Michael K. Easton
Super Haters by Nick Marino
Timeless by Mike Indovina
Urban Fey by Rhea Ewing & Kimberley Long-Ewing

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The End

Seven years ago Eric Adams came to SPACE to aquaint the world with his new series Lackluster World. We set him up at the worst table we could possibly find, in the little room away from the crowds. He persevered. He continued to come to SPACE each year with another new issue of Lackluster World and dispite our best efforts the popularity of his series continued to grow. At SPACE 2011 he will return with the premiere of the final issue of Lackluster World entitled "The End". Just wait to see what we do to him!

Unsuspecting Eric at SPACE 2009.