Sunday, January 24, 2010

2009 SPACE Prize Winners!

Announcing the 2009 SPACE Prize Winners:


General Category:

The Dreamer #1-5

Lora Innes-Artist, Writer

Lora at SPACE 2009

2nd Place: Tiny Life 1)a by Nick Jones and Nicolas Colacitti

3rd Place:The Second Part of the Secret History of the Ineffables byCraig Bogart


Minicomics / Short Story Category:

Aliens Poop on Your Children
Chris Garrett- Artist, Writer

Chris at SPACE 2009

2nd Place: Veggie Dog Saturn #3 Jason's Quest byJason Young

3rd Place: Reflection by Eric Adams & Joanna Estep
Webcomics Category:

Introspective Comics
Ryan Dow

Ryan at SPACE 2009

2nd Place: The Book of Biff by Chris Hallbeck

3rd Place: Freak Central by Brian Maze


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