Thursday, March 4, 2010

SPACE Anthology 2010!

Coming soon the SPACE Anthology 2010! The SPACE Anthology is a free downloadable anthology with 24 stories by the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo exhibitors. It will be available in a few weeks as a free download from ComicsXP. Here's the line up:

Green by Tom Dellaringa
Desmond's Comic by Joe Foo
Tiny Life by Nick Jones
Fart Tennis by Josh Blair & Nick Marino
SPACE Survival Guide by Jason Young
Searching for Colleges with my Dad by Jeff Gibson
Plastic Farm: Microcosm by Rafer Roberts
Vugz by Bob Corby
The Possum: Criminal Mind by Blair Kitchen
Heinrich & Orwell by Michael Madsen
Night Light Comics : How'd He Do That by Matt Chicorel
Spy Guy : The Death of the Floppies by Mike Kitchen
The Devil in Simon by JT Wilkins
Untitled by Rhea & Kimberly Long-Ewing
Mean Goat v.s. Timmothy's Alien by Kris Lachowski & Justin Lynch
Neko by Grace Cichy
Reed Gunther: Animal Intimidation by Chris & Shane Houghton
Double Clicked Comics by Ryan Rey Tackett & Justin Bradley
The Fearless Force: Entrapment by Steven Meyers
Tree Conversations with Spikehead by Austin Hendry
Chewski Goes Sledging by Matt Dye
Payload by Steve Ogden
Just A Man by Brian John Mitchell & Andrew White
Not Band X by Matt Young


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