Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 SPACE Prize Finalists

We are proud to announce the Finalists for the 2010 SPACE Prize.

General Category:

Cragmore Book One by Pat N. Lewis
The Ginkgo and the Marriage Tree by Amber Scharf
Lackluster World #6 by Eric Adams
Mirror Mind by Tory Woollcott
Panel 13 to 15 Edited by Dara Naraghi, Tony Goins & Sean McGurr
Radio Free Gahanna by James Moore & Joel Jackson
Reed Gunther #3 by Shane Houghton & Chris Houghton
Spud & Harry by Mike Kitchen
Tiny Life- Left by Nick Jones & Nicolas Colacitti
Trickster Edited Matt Dembicki

Minicomic/ Short Story Category:

Board of Superheroes #2 by Matt Feazell
Candy or Medicine #7, 8 &9 &Free Comic Book Day Special Edited by Josh Blair
Cowboy Songs of the Old West by Brent Bowman
Flesh by Tory Woollcott
Plastic Farm #15-17 by Rafer Roberts & Matt Dembicki
Reed Gunther in Stupid Cows by Shane Houghton & Chris Houghton
Rooster Jack vs the Mermaids by Ben Zmith, Laura Ault & Adam Hansen
Ultimate Loss Kisses #11 by Brian John Mitchell & Dave Sim
Veggie Dog Saturn #4 by Jason Young
Xoc #1-3 by Matt Dembicki

Webcomics Category:

Champ 2010 by Jed Collins
Pretty Jeff by Jeff Gibbons
Short Pants Romance by Jordan Lowe & Michael K. Easton
Super Haters by Nick Marino
Timeless by Mike Indovina
Urban Fey by Rhea Ewing & Kimberley Long-Ewing

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