Monday, February 7, 2011

SPACE Anthology 2011 up this Wednesday

The SPACE Anthology 2011 will be live here on Wednesday night and also available on Ipad through Cloud 9 Comix app. Here’s the lineup:

The Mole by Matt & Jeanie Bryan
RAWR by Ed Delaney
Star by Brian John Mitchell & Kurt Dinse
How to Train a Dog by Morgan Pielli
The Beer Barons of St. Louis by Kevin Wolf
This is Your Parents’ Bed by Kevin Czapiewski
Baby Chicks by Kel Crum
Super Haters Special SPACE 2011 Exclusive! By Nick Marino
Apartment 4H by Joe Medwid & Dave Rhodenbaugh
Writer’s Block by Katie Omberg
Coyote by Kim Long-Ewing & Rhea Ewing
Noble Cause by Steven Myers
Today We Visit Colin Upton Living Historian by Colin Upton
Vugz by Bob Corby
Call It a Wisdom bt Stacie Arellano
Goldgotha in Stain by Aaron James Ford
McFly Style by Jason Young

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