Saturday, April 9, 2011

Minicomics Day

The first annual Minicomics Day was a major success at the Art Explorer Post 407. 8 minicomics were produced at the weekly meeting on April 9. There are a few more still in production. All the books are 8 page minicomics drawn at the final size. The minicomics will be available at Free Comicbook Day at Packrat Comics on May 7.

Completed minicomics:

A Day in the Life of Mello by Caithlih Rudecker (student)

Lens by Maya Jenkins (student)

Pencil Problems by Caitlin Rudecker (student)

Searching by Issy Kertis (student)

Shark! By Mariah (student)

How Computers Work by Jon Riddle (guest)

Pirate Moon Part 1 by John E. Rieske (advisor)

Small Collision by Bob Corby (advisor)


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