Monday, August 6, 2012

More Books from SPACE reviewed in SP!

Self PublisherMagazine #57 is now available on-line as a free down load and contains even more reviews of books the Ian picked up at SPACE 2012 including:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ #1by Aaron Trudgeon, and George McVey
White Buffalo Gazette - Feb 2010 Edited by Buzz Buzzizyk, with over 50 some contributors

Fantasy Theater #21 by J. Kevin Carrier

Stuff By Jed Collins

The Life and Death of Mr. Burger by Derek Baxter

Tim Corrigan's Mightyguy - Out to Lunch by Tim Corrigan

Kekionga Mini Works #33 by Pam Bliss

World Without Love by Verl Holt Bond

Stranger Knights #2 Edited by Bill Volk, with work by Bill, Casey Bohn, Mary Soper, Holly Foltz, Morgan Pielli, and Shawn Atkins.

And Brian  John Mitchell's "Comics in a Bottle" Article.

and a lot more at

SPACE Exhibitor Lara Antal interviewed at

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