Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lots of SPACE Exhibitor News

Art Explorer Post 407 has produced another issue of Lump of Coal, the annual bad attitude holiday comics anthology.  Lump of Coal #6 can be purchased at finer comic shops in the Columbus area or on line at Back Porch Comics.

Here something i should have gotten to earlier especially since a lot of the contributors to this book will be at SPACE in 2013 including editor Matt Dembicki.  District Comics:An Unconventional History of Washington D.C. is one of the top 10 graphic novel according to the Washington Post.

Self Publisher #60 is available for download and contains reviews of SPACE exhibitor's comics including:

Binary Gray #1 Written by Chris Charlton, art by Rowel Roque and Anthonie Wilson

Bamn #3 Story by Troy-Jefrey Allen, art by Jay Payne.

The Signifiers #1By Michael Neno

 Tales of Awesome #1Written by Derek Watson, art by Robert Gant.

 Araura #1 By Ray Cofman

It also includes a preveiw of Michael R Neno's The Signifiers #1 and Rick Silva's Stone.


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  1. Lump of Coal #6 is now available at the Laughing Ogre, Packrat Comics, Wholly Craft, Rivet Gallery and What the Rock!