Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SPACE Exhibitors Part 6!

Lee Smith:
Lee Smith has been producing Ohio Chronicles since 2011. An Ohio University graduate,
Lee was an elementary school classroom teacher for 20+ years in the Columbus City Schools. His interest in helping students learn through comic books inspired him to create a comic book series devoted to the history of Ohio. Each of the bi-monthly issues features a historical narrative, an informational background comic and primary sources based on a specific historic event. Ohio Chronicles has been featured in newspaper articles throughout Ohio and is available at numerous Museums across the state.

Sarah Sobole:
Sarah Sobole is a cartoonist from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about the power of cuteness.

Tyler and Sara Sowles:
Killustration Studios is comprised of Tyler and Sara Sowles. Both are graduates of Kendall
College of Art and Design and work together on indy and self published comics, fan prints and other
freelance art ventures. Tyler primary does the pencils and inks and Sara digitally colors, letters and does
layout and graphic design. Their current titles that they work on together include Hank Steiner: Monster
Detective, Durontus, and Tandoori Apocalypse. Tyler is also is the lead artist on Fallstreak and (Arcana's)
The Numbered.
Brian and Brandon Spicer:

The Spicer Brothers Spotlight
Adrian Coburn stood out as an example of what one good cop could do in a city rotten to its core with
corruption. His crusade to clean up the city drew the unwanted attention of those who didn't want the city
saved, and they took everything away from him. Now, physically disfigured, psychologically maimed, and
legally dead, Coburn continues his crusade against the corrupt as Mulciber, a vigilante intent on purifying
his city with fire. This issue spotlight's Mulciber's earliest appearance in PLB Comic's Halloween Special aswell as work The Spicer Brothers have done for PLB Comic's vigilante, The Fall. It also includes a brand new ten page Mulciber story.

Tom Spurgeon:
Tom Spurgeon is the owner and operator of The Comics Reporter.
Dan Stafford & Kilgore Books:

Kilgore Books & Comics is a micropress from Denver, CO. We've been a bricks and mortar

shop since 2008, and have published comics since 2010. Our lineup includes Noah Van Sciver's 'Blammo' series, the John P. documentary, 'Root Hog or Die', the handwritten interview collection 'I Hope This Finds You Well', 'Blindspot' by Joseph Remnant, and a handful of others.

Ben T. Steckler:
Ben T. Steckler has been writing and drawing mini-comics since 1995. He's published the series "Ska-Toons", "Get BenT!", and "Unshaven Chi". He's also produced many popular one-shot minis, including "Yugo-Girl", "Fluffy The Pet Fart", "Quincy the Scaredy-Cat", and "Peeps et Beans". He's published a series of popular parodies of Jack Chick tracts, and was nominated in 2001 for the Ignatz Award as "Promising New Talent". In recent years, he has turned to Stand-Up Comedy, through which hemet the Bizarre Heath Walkemeyer, the subject of his latest comic, "Stand-Up Comics presents: In-Bred."
Steve Steiner:

Mullet Turtle Comics features humorous comics from the mind of Steve Steiner ...which are about neither mullets nor turtles. Books and more can be purchased at

Jason Strutz:
Jason Strutz is the illustrator behind the Cask of Amontillado and upcoming The House of Montresor graphic novel with Enrica Jang from Red Stylo Media, The Order of Dagonet from Action Lab Entertainment. He also self-publishes a variety of Make Your Own Comics, ABC books, and other comics. You can find more at

Tim Switalski :
A sequential adaptation of the song "I Hung My Head", chronicling the consequences and guilt of
a carless action and the inevitability of the end.

Joseph Tenney:
KnightHarsher/RetroForce is the result of a decade of repressed superhero fantasy. Based on a collection of sketches & stories once committed only to journals, Joseph felt a deep desire to present them in sequential form. Fearing that he would forget about is Original Characters, and in essence himself. 

Evan Thomas:
Stheno the Gorgon, sister of the once-legendary Medusa, wanders the vibrant new world
that has risen in the wake of Olympus' destruction, searching for her monstrous siblings.

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