Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Comics & SPACE Exhibitors @ Mid-Ohio Con

Back Porch Comics proudly announces the publication of Oh,Comics! #18 “Earth”. Dig it! 76 salt of the earth pages containing 18 rock solid strips by 13 dirty creators! (Okay too far.) The alluvium anthology will premiere at the Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus Ohio (on the Glacial Till Plain) on October 3 and 4, 2009. At $3.50 it’s dirt cheap! (Okay that sucked but we did resist the urge to say “It rocks!”) Also available on-line at http://www.backporchcomics.com/ on October 5. 2009.

Covers by Sue Lense

The Great Reclamation by Ben Small

Blink: Why Bother? By Max Ink & Jonathon Riddle

Wasted Potential by Ray Tomzcak

Onion City in Spring by Sue Lense

Muck and Myerson! by Brent Riches

Vugz by Bob Corby

R.A.IN.B.O.W. : As the Worms Turn by Michael Carroll

Wasted Potential by Ray Tomzcak

A Fairly Short Cornelia Story by Kel Crum

Memories of Earth by Matt Levin

Dirt by Tom Roberts

Onion City by Sue Lense

Hugh Manatee by Matt Wyatt

Wasted Potential :Uncle Norm’s Puzzle Page by Ray Tomzcak

‘Lil F.E.D.S.: Defenders of the Earth Sand by Steve Myers

The Kansas City Tots Versus The Sand Men by Steve Myers

Onion City by Sue Lense

Marcel’s Effortless Garden by Bob Corby

Besides Oh, Comics! #18 there will be a contingent of SPACE exhibitors premiering comics at the show:

Craig Bogart- The Ineffables: Order of Succession

Craig Bogart & Brent Bowman -Allied Powers #2

PANEL- Panel 14: Horror

Fan-Atic Press- ODD COMICS #1 by Dan Burke

Stephen Hines -Clyde the Redneck #2 & Valedictorian USA #1

Ryan Claytor from Elephant Eater Comics- And Then One Day #7 and The Machinist

Joseph Morris from TORC Press -The Hot Fudge Sundae Adventure Club

Also in attendance will be Cosmic Moustache Comics, Sunday Comix, Joe Shover (Zonetrooper), Ren McKinzie- Blades Edge Illustrations, Mason Easley ( Psychic Soldier Kai )and Chuck Moore - Writer, Killer Robots Love You – Webcomic and the mastermind behind Comic-Related.

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