Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SPACE Prize Judges

We are getting close to announcing the 2009 SPACE Prize finalists but before that we'd like to get you acquainted with our judges.

For the General category our judges will be J. Caleb Mozzocco and returning judge, Tim Corrigan.

Caleb is a freelance writer who lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. He blogs about comics at http://everydayislikewednesday.blogspot.com/ and also contributes to Blog@Newsarama. Some of his blogs have been picked up at Journalista on the Comics Journal website and Heidi McDonald's The Beat.

Tim has been producing comics since the late 70’s under his New Voice Media and C& T Graphics imprints. Check out his Mightyguy comics along with tons of other titles. Also he was the publisher of the Small Press Comics Explosion and later the Small Press Creative Explosion. The SPCE was the reason many small press publishers got involved in publishing their own comics back in the 80’s including a certain SPACE event coordinator. Tim is a SPACE Life Time Achievement Award winner

In the Mini-comics / Short Story category our judges are Matt Feazell and Max Ink.

Matt has been producing mini-comics under the Not-Available imprint since the early 80's. He is best know for the Amazing Cynicalman and making his customers draw. Matt is also a SPACE Life Time Achievement award winner.

Max is a Columbus small press staple. He has been contributing to small press publications since the late 80's and has concentrated on his own creation Blink for the last decade or so. Max is also very active in the Small Press community founding organizations like Sequentially Speaking and Sunday Comix. He is also a guest blogger here and will help keep us up to date on a lot of the Columbus comics happenings along with the latest SPACE news.

In the Web-comics category I will be acting as one of the judges and we're still looking for another.

The third judge in each of these categories will be the SPACE 2009 exhibitors. The exhibitors vote will be weighted as an equal vote along with the other two judges in each category.

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