Monday, July 9, 2012


It's been awhile since I reported anything here.  So here's a catchup.

The Indie Ladies Comic Anthology Panel with Crystal Ash, Canada Keck, Molly Durst, Kira Keck, and Mari Naomi is now up on UVN

M Young's Wild Child and Marnie Galloway's In the Sounds and Seas: Vol. I are two of the last Xeric Grant winners.

Sunday Comix members will be appearing at the Goodale Park Music Series this summer.  For the schedule go to

Lastly, the SPACE Anthology 2012 Kickstarter has a week left.  Please pass the word along.  the proceeds from this will benefit the SPACE Prize fund.  Tomorrow night we will be sweetening the pot a little with some new rewards.  Go to


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