Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Self Publisher with Reviews & QRD with Interviews

Self PublisherMagazine #56 is now available on-line as a free down load.  It contains tons of reviews of books the esteemed Ian Shires picked up at SPACE 2012 including:

Crapenstance #1 by Asif Gill

80 Proof Comix:Tasty Treats—Days of Bewilderment— Chapters 1 and 2 by Glen Baskin

Nibble #1 by Tom Cherry.

Scribbles by Kel Crum

 Dog-Eared #8 by Millard Draudt

 5 Star Comics #1 by Terence Hanley, Larry Blake, Jordan Lowe, and Gary Gibeaut

 Dots: Vol.1 by Heather Hively

 Toc-Tic – Warcaptain by Andrew Fraiser

 As Eavesdropped - Vol.3 by Suzanne Baumann

 Augh! #9 by Nathan Corrigan

IF-X Vol.2 #5 by Michael Marcus, Michele Witchipoo, John Garavaglia, Rick Lundeen, Adam Wilson, Luisa Russo, Brian Canini, and Jade Gibeaut.

The Inquiring Minds #1 by John Steventon.

 Choose your own Moral Code—Meerkats vs Manatees by Jessica C. White

*Ppfszt! #34
by Jim Main,  Dan Taylor, Miguel Guerra, Andy Nukes, Brad Foster, Christopher Durant, Brien Wayne Powell, George Leon, Michael Anthony Carroll, Roger Keel, John Lambert, Kevin Duncan, Bob Vojtko, Henry Gustavson, Robert W. Brunelle, Tony Lorenz, Scott Shriver, Dan Burke, Robert J. Sodaro, Michael Grassia, Rock Baker, and Jeff Austin.

Euni the Unicorn #1 by Kris Lachowski

Also QRD# 56 has interviews with many of the 2012 SPACE exhibitors


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