Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exhibitor Bios Part 1

Eric Adams:
Eric is best known as the creator of LACKLUSTER WORLD, a dark satire comic series about an albino man using vandalism and his job as a newspaper journalist to change the world at large before it changes him.
In 2006, he illustrated STUART, a short story penned by Chris Arrant which  ran in NEGATIVE BURN.  Eric is also a contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a thorough series of articles about marketing comics from the perspective of a small press / self-publisher (currently on hiatus).
Eric is also a foolish man that tries to make a living by running a web/graphic design agency.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen:
Fanboys are like @$$holes. Er...that means they go well with opinions. And the Menagerie of Kick-Assery podcast/blogcast is no different.
Hosted by That_Urban_Punk (Android Massacre), Derek Scarzilla (Action A Go Go), Troy-Jeffrey Allen (Bamn, District Comics), and producer Gene Green,  "The Menagerie" invites internet personalities, the contemporary denizens of geek, indie comic creators, ne'erdowells, and soandsos to dissect our beloved geek culture...with a dash of saltiness.
We are M.O.K.A...and now so are you


Leslie and Jarod Anderson:
Leslie and Jarod Anderson (no relation) live in Ohio. Leslie has a MA in poetry, an obsession with ponies, and a deep love of pretty hats. Jarod has a MA in literature, a steadily worsening tattoo addiction, and a comprehensive knowledge of snake care (not a euphemism).
Chris Arndt:
Chris' college degree is in History, which serves him well as the writer for Black Rose. A published researcher, he also serves as an editor for IUSB's Undergraduate and History Research Journals.

Derf Backderf:
Derf sold his first cartoon, a nude portrait of his sixth grade teacher, for $2 dollars to a classmate who used it for unspeakable purposes. Today his comic strip, The City, is one of the most widely-read alternative cartoons, appearing regularly in weekly papers coast to coast.
The cartoonist, who works out of an unheated, attic studio in his Cleveland home, grew up in a rural, small town in Ohio and went to high school with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. A comic book story about his friendship with Dahmer is available in the store on this website.
An art school dropout, Derf worked on a garbage truck before deciding to give cartooning a try. He attended Ohio State University, where he drew political cartoons for the school paper for three years and caused such controversy school officials put a 1-year limit on all future cartoonists. After graduation, he landed a similar position on a paper in Florida but was fired after two years for, as the editor put it, "general tastelessness." He moved to Cleveland and The City debuted in the now-defunct Cleveland Edition in 1990. A year later, he began selling it to other alternative papers.
Derf's images have also graced t-shirts and cd covers. His manic illustrations have appeared in all manner of publications ranging from Guitar Player magazine to the Wall St. Journal.
His work has been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide. he has been nominated for two Eisner Awards (the Oscars of comix), has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, was named the Alternative Press' best cartoonist in 2005 and was the recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 2006.

E. J. Barnes:
E. J. Barnes is a
cartoonist, comic-book writer/artist, illustrator, animator, and mandala designer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston.
Although a
bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a total of 16 years in software engineering are not the usual route to a cartooning career, Barnes feels that she is a better artist for having been a programmer — and a better programmer for having been an artist.
E. J. has shown her work at
conventions and galleries. Her art has been published in various media and used by commercial clients. 
Suzanne Baumann:
Suzanne  likes to make things. She’s been publishing minicomics under the name Fridge Magnet Concoctions since 1995. Before that, when she was a kid, she made her comics public by sticking them on the refrigerator with a magnet. Hence the name.
She lives in Hamtramck, Michigan, which is located in Detroit and is a city apart. She is partially responsible for the awesomeness that is Hatch: A Hamtramck Art Collective.
She also works at a full-time job which is unrelated to anything about comics.

Todd Beistel
While still in high school, Todd self-published Eye of the Probe, a comic anthology. While in college, Todd wrote and illustrated Lost Souls, that was published by Hunter Productions in Lyceum, a comic book anthology, and distributed nationally. Todd illustrates the current comic Yuri: The Awakening

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