Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exhibitor Bios Part 2

Matthew Bennardo:
Matthew Bennardo lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He co-edited the science-fiction anthology Machine of Death, which was a #1 bestseller on Amazon in 2010.
He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with degrees in English and business management. Currently he is a partner with Ryan North and David Malki ! in Bearstache Books, the imprint which publishes Machine of Death. A second volume in the series is forthcoming in 2012.
Matthew has also sold short fiction to markets such as Asimov's Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and Shimmer.

Pam Bliss:
When mammoths still roamed the earth, Pam Bliss was born in Ohio. There she got an eclectic education that made her into a lifelong smartaleck.
In 1985, she moved to Indiana, and she has been drawing and making up stories in that state ever since. Four years later, under the influence of Matt Feazell and other pioneering small pressers, she combined the art and the stories in her first minicomic. Kekionga, that Indiana of the mind, was born.
As a creator, Pam is dedicated to natural media drawing with paper, pen and brush, hand lettering, the cartoon short story, and exploring the endless potential of the handmade minicomic. But she has been known to venture into unknown territory on occasion. She also writes about comics, and sometimes teaches.
Her other interests include automotive history and car culture, bossa nova music, and dogs, especially Welsh corgis. She retains her childhood fascination with mammoths and watches a great deal of television.
(When it comes to the internet, she is very much an old dog who is learning new tricks.)

Ron Braun:
Ron Braun is an accomplished cartoonist and illustrator whose creativity has birthed such comics as Life As We Know It, Hello Cruel World and most recently, Toon It Up. He also co-founded the Indy Webcomics Group, a community of comic writers and artists in the Indianapolis area.
His "career" began in doing cartoons and illustrations for his High School and College newspapers. More comissioned work followed in the form of floral illustrations and various one-off cartoons, one of which was published in Starlog Magazine.
In the late 80's, he made a foray into single-panel cartoons, selling a dozen or so to various magazines and newspapers.
In 1991, his first comic strip Rob & Ron's Rock Talk debuted and ran in several midwestern music-oriented magazines for the next few years. The strip also spawned a comic book collection that was sold in finer comic shops around the country.
Rock Talk spun off into Life As We Know It, a strip that ran from 1995-1998. In 1997, it made it's web debut and was quickly picked up for online syndication by one of the more popular music websites of the time. It was also seen internationally in a dozen or so magazines and newspapers during its run.
In 2003, Hello Cruel World, Ron's first exclusively web-based comic, debuted. The strip ran from 2003-2005 in which time it received many positive reviews and online syndication by World Famous Comics, a popular geek culture website. The webcomic also gave way to a strip within itself with 2004's Dakk Waggitt, Platypus For Hire.
His current website began in 2006 as the home of the comic strip Toon It Up, which, during the year it ran was syndicated online by two popular rock radio sites and was active for another couple of years in Magazine in Indianapolis, IN (along with two of Ron's other comics, Modern Daze and Pete & Pig). When the strip ended online, the site became an artblog to showcase the more varied work Ron has been doing as of late and will soon highlight the graphic novel he's been working on that features his popular platypus character, Dakk Waggitt.

Gary-Paul Bonesteel:
Bonesteel is a graduate of the Center For Cartoon Studies where he learned many things from how to draw a straight panel boarder to how to track an elk in the dead of night.
Bonesteel's comics take pop culture, put it in a blender, add a dash of humor and or horror, and puree until you have fine blend of awesome comics. For Example the current comic that is being worked on is called Jason. It's a comic about Jason Voorhees with ennui.

Anna Bowles:
Anna Bowles has been published in Fat Chunk Vol. 1: Robots and indie comic anthologies Gothology I & II. She draws a webcomic about a girl space-explorer and her stuffed flamingo at She is currently attending Grand Valley State University in western Michigan.

Brent Bowman:
Brent Bowman is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art And Design with a degree in Illustration. A lifelong comics fan, Brent has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, as well as the collectible card game Age of Empires. Hes a contributing member of PANEL, a local comics collective that publishes two anthologies a year. Brent has been nominated for the small press SPACE prize in 2008, 2010 and 2011 for both his PANEL work and his own original self published comics. He lives in Columbus Ohio with his wife and two boys.

Lee Bradford:
The Bend has been a web publication for four years, featuring cannibals, magic, government takeovers, and only the best of crime. Now included in the Cannibal Coalition is a written novel called These Corpses of Men, which is awaiting publication. Come over and see us!

Heather Breckel:
Heather Breckel is a freelance colorist and self publishing comic warrior. She has most recently worked on the My Little Pony comic, Peter Panzerfaust, Godzilla:HCW, and Number 13. When not coloring, she draws and writes her own comics and throws them at people.

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