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Exhibitor Bios Part 4

Kenton Daniels:
Lost in the Alps, five Roman soldiers find themselves at the mercy of the mountains.  Wandering into a remote village, they agree to help find a missing girl in exchange for safe passage.  With a mysterious gypsy serving as guide, the Roman's journey to a place called Devil's Finger.  There, they descend into a subterranean chaos of blood and horror.  Far from home, they're forced to make a stand.

Tom Davison:
D-Tales is Tom Davidson's slice-of-life morality tales that have explore morality tales of all kinds. So far D-Tales has examined anthropomorphic jailbreak, the meaning of friendships, creation myths, and currently a childhood first love story that celebrates the rapidly evolving music of the time. Tom also is creator of the surreal southern noir series, "Circle City Tales".

Matt Dembicki:
Matt Dembicki is a cartoonist in the Washington, D.C., area. His most recent books include 'Xoc: The Journey of a Great White' and the anthology 'District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, D.C.' He is a founding member of the comics creators collective the D.C. Conspiracy and a former editor of the group's free, semi-annual comics newspaper 'Magic Bullet.'

Louis Dobry:

Side Quest Comic is an online comic created by Travis Bramble and Louis Dobry. It is published once a week, on Monday. The characters, Jarv and Paulie, are loosely based on the real life stories and antics of the creators. Although based on real people, with every comic, the creators hope to push the characters on a parallel and stylized path rather than a mirror image of their real life inspiration.
Travis and Louis write each comic together and stand by the idea that the best comics are ones written equally by each member and that a comic isn't finished until both creators put their own little tweak to the finished product. The art of Side Quest Comic is created by Travis, applying classic techniques and modern digital media; using pencils, art board, inks, brushes and markers while rendering colors and lettering in PhotoShop. Side Quest Comic is truly a two man crew, utilizing Travis' art and graphic design background with Louis' finance and marketing background.
On the surface Side Quest Comic seems to be another three-panel comic created by dorks commenting on video games, pop art and all the nuances in nerd culture. But from the first ideas written down on November 27th 2008 to the comic launching on November 16th 2009 and far into the future the creators work hard to make Side Quest Comic familiar yet unique to the growing landscape of online comics. Holding tight to the Side Quest Comic art style, embracing differences and striving for a unique voice allows the room to give a nod to the online comics that paved the road and still have the work stand on its own.

J.T. Dockery:
"J.T. Dockery is one of those rare artists that seems to exist both within the work he creates and alongside the rest of us in the 'real world.' Women, booze, cigarettes, and shady characters spill onto the page and seep back into real life–drawn, stacked and stashed into portfolios or passed on the street. No one is safe."
--Phillip March Jones, artist,
director Institute 193
Ryan Dow:
I make comics and post them at

Gabriel Dunston:

Quality comics for attractive people.

 Matt Dye:
Nathan and the Land of Robots tells the story of a young boy abducted and taken to the Land of Robots by a strange robotic bird after he sneaks out of his home in the night. Nathan must find his way home before his Mother wakes up and finds him missing.

Elyria Comic Book Inititive:
The ECBI is an organization whose mission is to promote literacy and creativity in all ages by offering the necessary tools and outlets for reading, writing and artistic expression through the production and use of COMICS!

Michael Eshelman :
Mike grew up in Columbus, Ohio during the 80s, and never quite escaped either one. Growing up surrounded by video games and comic books, his view of the world consisted of tiny squares coming together to form images, and his work reflects this love of the pixelated view. His current obsession is remaking images from pop culture in pixel form. “Working very closely to a piece with tweezers and a bright light, it only looks like a random collection of colors, but stepping away and giving it a different perspective, the image comes to life”.

Borrowing images from such varied sources as Van Gogh, Lichtenstein, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he can be found most evenings hunched over a few thousand beads with 80s New Wave playing in the background, slowly recreating real life in pixelated form, one teeny bead at a time.

Ken Eppstein:
I began working on Nix Comics in late 2010, with issue #1 of Nix Comics Quarterly (NCQ) hitting the stands in January of 2011. Previous to that I spent most of my spare time hunting down and reselling used and collectible garage rock and punk vinyl, which was a blast for many years... But to paraphrase Tesco Vee of the Meatmen, retail work is kind of like beating an old man with a stick... fun for a while but eventually it stops movin' and shaking. I sold off a big chunk of my record business stock to fund that first issue.
Nix Comics Quarterly was (and is) meant to be a Rock 'n' Roll Horror anthology... One half inspired by trash literature Tales from the Crypt, Creepy and Punk magazine and one half inspired by the larger-than-life lives and machine gun paced records of my favorite musical artists... The Ramones, the Cramps, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Howlin' Wolf, The Kinks, the Sonics, the Fleshtones, Et. Al.

Eamon Espey:
Eamon Espey's comics have appeared in Galago, Bash Magazine, and The City Paper.  Some places he's been in art shows are Baltimore, New York and Istanbul. In 2008 Secret Acres published Eamon's first book, Wormdye. In the Fall of 2012 they published his second book, Songs of the Abyss. His dense black and white drawings tell stories of a grotesque spirituality from a distant past to a near future.

Terry Eisele:
Terry Eisele has taught English for twenty years in places as far flung as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, California, and Ohio. He is currently an assistant professor at Columbus State Community College. He received a master’s degree in comparative cultural studies from the Ohio State University. He reads comics, supports Arsenal Football Club, and writes in his spare time. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Michelle, and their two dogs. With Only Five Plums is his first graphic novel.

Ron Braun (Updated):
Ron Braun is a cartoonist/illustrator whose creative endeavors have included the comic strips Life As We Know It, Hello Cruel World and Toon It Up, among others. His work has appeared in local, national and international publications. Ron has released several books as well. The most recent, My Best Friend is an Idiot!, has ranked as high as third on Lulu’s Top 100 Bestselling Comics & Graphic Novels list. Ron is also the co-founder of the Indy Webcomics Group, an active community of comic artists and writers in the Indianapolis area. Currently on the drawing board is Ron’s first graphic novel, Once Upon A Platypus, an all-ages tale about a young girl whose discovery of a talking platypus plunges her into a wild and dangerous adventure. As a companion project, he is creating a series of illustrations featuring the story’s co-star, a pudgy platypus named Dakk Waggitt, assuming the identities of various superheroes and movie icons.
Ron’s work can be found at


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