Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A lot of stuff happening all at once here.

The SPACE Anthology 2013 hit its goal on Kickstarter last night and the printing is already in production.  The books should be here in plenty of time for SPACE. I'd like to publically thanks all the contributors for all the great strips and all the people who pledged on Kickstarter.

As you can see from Tom's post below the 2013 poster is in production and should actually be delivered today. Thanks to Tom Williams for another great looking poster and all the other SPACE graphics you see.

I working away at finalizing all the panels and programs and after hours events coming up. (Actually alot of other people are doing that and I'm just pestering them for updates) (Many thanks you's will be forthcoming). I hope to have all that info up on the site this week.

After battling with new photo sensitive chemicals I finally have a screen to produce this years new tee shirt also by Tom Williams.

I accidently had the wrong date in some of the exhibitor info I sent out for the SPACE Pre-Party but it is as it should be on Friday night April 12 the night before SPACE at the Laughing Ogre.

Ten more comics that will premiere at SPACE have been posted on the Premiere Comics pages.


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