Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Batch of Exhibitor Bios

Eric Adams
Eric Adams is best known for the recently completed, creator-ownedcomic series, LACKLUSTER WORLD a satire about a man with albinism fending off his
fanatically religious siblings while using vandalism and his journalism career to
change his lackluster world. It has been nominated for the 2004 Howard E Day
Prize, the 2008, 2010, and 2012 S.P.A.C.E. Prize and won the 2010 Champion City
award for Best Limited Series. He is also the writer of REFLECTION, a 2009
S.P.A.C.E. Prize winner; the artist of STUART, which ran in NEGATIVE BURN; and a
contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a thorough series of
articles about the business and marketing comics from the self-publisher perspective.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Fanboys are like @$$holes. Er...that means they go well with opinions. And the Menagerie of Kick-Assery podcast/blogcast is no different.
Hosted by That_Urban_Punk (Android Massacre), Derek Scarzilla (Action A Go Go), Troy-Jeffrey Allen (Bamn, District Comics), and producer Gene Green,  "The Menagerie" invites internet personalities, the contemporary denizens of geek, indie comic creators, ne'erdowells, and soandsos to dissect our beloved geek culture...with a dash of saltiness.
We are M.O.K.A...and now so are you

Dan Anderson
All for a Punchline is the web comic, company, and passion of
young artist Dan Anderson. He produces it by going to improv shows and taking
pictures. He then sorts through the photos, picks one or two that he likes and
then puts them into Adobe Illustrator to hand trace them with a pen and tablet
adding any props and costumes that he sees fit.

Leslie and Jarod Anderson
Leslie and Jarod Anderson (no relation) live in Ohio. Leslie has a MA in poetry, an obsession with ponies, and a deep love of pretty hats. Jarod has a MA in literature, a steadily worsening tattoo addiction, and a comprehensive knowledge of snake care (not a euphemism).

Shawn Atkins
Shawn Atkins was born and raised in Ohio. Moved to Pittsburgh, where he draws
comics and goes on adventures with his lovely wife and daughter, Amelia. Some of the comics includes Gello
Apocalypse and Explorers of the Unknown and Memory.

Jono Balliett
I make minicomics & webcomics. I've exhibited at KRC, SPX, & a few
other small shows. Minicomics are great & I enjoy making them!

Suzanne Baumann
Suzanne  likes to make things. She’s been publishing
minicomics under the name Fridge Magnet Concoctions since 1995. Before that, when she was a kid, she made her comics public by sticking them on the refrigerator with a magnet. Hence the name.
She lives in Hamtramck, Michigan, which is located in Detroit and is a city apart. She is partially responsible for the awesomeness that is
Hatch: A Hamtramck Art Collective.
She also works at a full-time job which is unrelated to anything about comics.

 Heidi Black and Becca Hillburn
Heidi Black and Becca Hillburn are part of the comic collective
Rascals, Rogues and Dames. They believe in comics by women, and for everyone.

Pam Bliss
Pam Bliss has been making minicomics since 1989 and she hasn't
stopped yet. Most of her comics are set in Kekionga, the small town in Indiana
where anything can happen, and feature an eclectic cross section of its
residents. Hijinks occur, and the comics sometimes get philosophical as well.
Learn more about minicomics and how to make them, and read some Kekionga stories
on line, at
When she isn't drawing and making up stories, Pam enjoys photography, reading
other people's stories, learning weird facts, and playing with her Welsh corgi dogs.

Lee Bradford
Cannibal Coalition is a small collection of friends, hailing from
different states, who all do something creative. We bounce ideas off of each other
and one of us will eventually get those things down on paper. In addition to comic
books, the Cannibal Coalition also does short stories, jewelry, and one of them
even went the extra mile and made her own Tarot deck. Lee will be offering tarot
readings as well as selling art. Keep a look-out for us!
Ron Braun
Ron Braun is an accomplished cartoonist and illustrator whose
creative endeavors have included the comic strips Life As We Know It, Hello Cruel
World and Toon It Up among others. His work has appeared in local, national and
international publications. Ron has released several books as well. The most
recent, My Best Friend is an Idiot!, has ranked as high as third on Lulus Top 100
Bestselling Comics & Graphic Novels list. He also co-founded the Indy Webcomics
Group, a community of comic writers and artists in the Indianapolis area.
Currently on the drawing board is Rons first graphic novel, Once Upon A Platypus,
an all-ages tale about a young girl whose discovery of a talking platypus plunges
her into a wild and dangerous adventure. As a companion project, he has also
created a series of prints featuring the storys co-star, a pudgy platypus named
Dakk Waggitt, assuming the identities of various superheroes and movie icons.
You can find Ron online at, ronbraun and toonitupart on Facebook
and @toonitup on Twitter.

Axel Breen
Fight or Flight takes place in a world much like our own but with one major difference. For reasons unknown people from all corners of the globe begin to display feats of amazing power. Tensions between this group of people now dubbed the contaminated and the rest of humanity has reached the breaking point. Right when things seem to be beyond hope, in comes Project Phoenix. A group of human and contaminated alike united under a common cause, to prevent the annihilation of the two races.


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