Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Night... More SPACE Exhibitors!

Michael Anthony Carroll
Michael Anthony Carroll is that guy, off to the side, over there. I see him all the time...who IS he, anyway?!? He published his first mini-comic in 1987 and almost never looked back. He's consistently produced comics since age 10, using mediums ranging from crayon to vector. His approaches to character and dialogue have brought him a growing and enthusiastic following of people who really aren't related to him. He is currently publishing in various places online; in Jason Yates' series of themed anthologies, including "Loincloths" and "Tinmen"; in the Oh! Comics and SPACE anthologies for Bob Corby, and was a featured contributor to Jim Main's *PPFSZT! for Main Enterprises, and also contributed to the "Bowl Full of Happiness" sea monkeys anthology to raise funds for The Hero Initiative. And he created a picture font of ninjas. His current goal is to be the Leading Digital Stick Figure Cartoonist in Central Ohio. You can find him on Facebook, and at, but he lives in Columbus Ohio. He probably finished another 17 comic strips and three minicomics while writing this biographical note. The punk.

 Drunken Cat Comics
Drunken Cat Comics was founded 11 years ago as of 2012. Like many
great ideas it was born out of alcohol... and promises of more
alcohol. Brian Canini writes, draws and colors much of the work,
including the Ruffians series and the Mixed Drink Wednesdays webcomic.
Derek Baxter writes and draws the Daily Shot webcomic when he is not
taking hiatuses to slowly draw another full length comic. This year
they will be premiering four new books at SPACE. If you or a loved one
know of a feline who suffers from alcoholism, that is the definition
of hilariously tragic.

 Christopher Dunsmore
The Wizard of Odd is a continuation of the Dark World of Fantasy
webtoon. The story follows the fumbling, bumbling Dark Knight and his sabatious,
less than inteligent, side kick, Jason the Ogre.
Dr. Cadaver's Zombie Farm is a twisted documentary-style look inside the Doctor's
zombie research facility Cadaver Labs. Learn all there is to know about the Homo
Coprophagus Somnambulus or zombie as well as how Dr. Cadaver and his Cadaver Labs
came to be!

Gabriel Dunston
Gabriel Dunston makes comics and kids books that he's been
bringing to SPACE for a few years now. He's got a new book that he's super excited
to share with you!
Truth be told, you probably haven't heard of him unless you've seen him at this
show before.

Matt Dye
Detroit-based comic artist and graphic designer Matt Dye is the
creator of Nathan and the Land of Robots and Chewski. He's also no stranger to
drawing dinosaurs.

Terry Eisele
Terry Eisele has taught English for twenty years in places as far
flung as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, California, and Ohio. He is currently an
associate professor at Columbus State Community College. He received a masters
degree in comparative cultural studies from the Ohio State University. He reads
comics, supports Arsenal Football Club, and writes in his spare time. He lives in
Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Michelle, and their two dogs. With Only Five Plums
is his first graphic novel.

Ken Eppstein
I began working on Nix Comics in late 2010, with issue #1 of Nix Comics Quarterly (NCQ) hitting the stands in January of 2011. Previous to that I spent most of my spare time hunting down and reselling used and collectible garage rock and punk vinyl, which was a blast for many years... But to paraphrase Tesco Vee of the Meatmen, retail work is kind of like beating an old man with a stick... fun for a while but eventually it stops movin' and shaking. I sold off a big chunk of my record business stock to fund that first issue.
Nix Comics Quarterly was (and is) meant to be a Rock 'n' Roll Horror anthology... One half inspired by trash literature Tales from the Crypt, Creepy and Punk magazine and one half inspired by the larger-than-life lives and machine gun paced records of my favorite musical artists... The Ramones, the Cramps, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Howlin' Wolf, The Kinks, the Sonics, the Fleshtones, Et. Al.

 Danny Ferburton
Danny has been self-publishing since 2006. He was born
in New Hampshire but grew up in Florida. He's had comix in several magazines
including Candy or Medicine. He has several books currently available and new ones
will be printed for the con. 

Matt Feazell
Matt Feazell comics and spot illustrations have appeared in Disney Adventures and Nickleodeon Magazine. His regular weekly series, "The Amazing Cynicalman" appears in the Hamtramck Review and Flint Comix & Entertainment as well as at He's currently promoting his latest project, a 90-minute, live-action Cynicalman movie.

Sean Ford
Sean Ford is a cartoonist from Brooklyn, NY. His first comic
series, Only Skin, was collected by Secret Acres in 2012. He is working on his
second series, Shadow Hills. He attended the Center for Cartoon Studies in
Vermont. Now he works designing book interiors and takes his dog to the park. 

Andrew Frazer
Tiger thighs studio is a show case for the many comic and
sequential art projects of A.Fraser. Author artist A.Fraser has been working in
the field of comics for over ten years and has been published with such fine
publishers as Antarctic press and ... well I'm sure I can add somebody else to
that list eventually.
Joseph Freistuhler
Joseph Freistuhler is a freelance illustrator from the wastelands
of Northeast Ohio. His first self published work, the short comic "thirteen",
appeared in the anthology comic UGLI Studios Presents #2. "En Ténèbres" is his
first full length comic and will be self published in the spring of 2014. He has
also illustrated several maps that have appeared in the RPG industry and had a map
of New York featured in an art exhibition in New York City.


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