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SPACE Exhibitor Bios Pt. 7

John Porcellino
John Porcellino was born in Chicago, in 1968, and has been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics, comics, and graphic novels for over twenty-five years. His celebrated self-published series King-Cat Comics, begun in 1989, has inspired a generation of cartoonists. Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, a collection of King-Cat stories about Porcellino’s experiences as a pest control worker, won an Ignatz Award in 2005, and Perfect Example, first published in 2000, chronicles his struggles with depression as a teenager. King-Cat Classix and Map of My Heart, published in 2007/2009, offer a comprehensive overview of the zine's first sixty-one issues, while Thoreau at Walden (2008) is a poetic expression of the great philosopher’s experience and ideals. According to cartoonist Chris Ware, "John Porcellino's comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive."
Porcellino's work has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, and Korean. He currently lives in South Beloit, Illinois.

Nate Powell
From 1999 to 2009, he worked as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities. Powell began self-publishing comics in 1992 at age 14. He graduated from North Little Rock High School in 1996, briefly attended George Washington University in Washington, DC, and graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2000 after receiving the Outstanding Cartooning Student award and the Shakespeare & Company Books Self-Publishing Grant, with which he funded the first issue of Walkie Talkie.  Powell lived intermittently in central Arkansas while calling East Lansing, Michigan, South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island home from 2001 to 2003. He settled in Bloomington, Indiana in early 2004.
His 2008 graphic novel Swallow Me Whole won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Debut and Outstanding Artist, and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Young Adult Fiction category. It received the 2009 Eisner Award for Best Original Graphic Novel, and was also nominated for Best Writer/Artist and Best Lettering.
In 2013 Top Shelf Productions published March, an autobiographical graphic novel trilogy about the life of civil rights leader and United States Congressman John Lewis, written by Lewis and Andrew Aydin, and illustrated by Powell.
Powell has worked on the graphic novel adaptation of Rick Riordan's The Heroes Of Olympus:The Lost Hero, while working on his own next book, entitled Cover and the short comics collection You Don't Say.

Stu Rase
ROCKET MONKEY is the story of an alcoholic monkey and his ability
to turn invisible when exposing himself. Oh. It's also about his quest to become
the greatest hero Chicago has ever seen.
THE UNDAD is a charming tale about a zombie father and his relationship with his
quite-alive daughter.

Joseph Remnant
Joseph Remnant is a Los Angeles based cartoonist, who writes and

draws the comic book series, BLINDSPOT. The 3rd issue was recently published by
Kilgore Books. He's currently working the graphic novel, CARTOON CLOUDS, which is
being serialized at TheExpositorComics.com
Jonathon Riddle
Jonathon Riddle has been writing and drawing comics since childhood, his first comics work being an adaptation of The Return of the Jedi rendered in crayon at the age of four. He is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design with a major in illustration. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he is a regular contributor to the Ohio-based comic anthology “Oh, Comics!” With Only Five Plums is his first graphic novel.

Ryan Ruffatti
Ryan Ruffatti is glad to be back making comics again escaping the
pressures of the day job to bring pen to paper and create cute doodles. He is
currently working on his on going series Shift and Approaching the Middle.
Sarah Winifred Searle
Sarah Winifred Searle is a cartoonist and cat wrangler from New
England. She was Children's Writer-in-Residence at the Boston Public Library where
she created Under the Apple Tree, a historical coming-of-age graphic novel, and
has some work in Fulcrum Publishing's upcoming Colonial Comics anthologies.
Melody Moore is an Ohio native cartoonist, illustrator, and game developer. She's
currently working on a supernatural-themed comic series about a girl named Olive
and a mystery game project with Los Muertos Games.

K. Sekelsky
K. Sekelsky is an illustrator and author from Johnstown, PA. She wrote and illustrated The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide, and has produced a number of webcomics and minicomics over the years.
Lee Smith
Lee Smith has been producing Ohio Chronicles for 3 years. An Ohio

University graduate, Lee was an elementary school classroom teacher for 20+ years
in the Columbus City Schools. His interest in helping students learn through
comic books inspired him to create a comic book series devoted to the history of
Ohio. Each of the bi-monthly issues features a historical narrative, an
informational background comic and primary sources based on a specific historic
event. Ohio Chronicles has been featured in newspaper articles throughout Ohio and
is available at numerous Museums across the state.
Marky Starr
Marky Starr has co-created the comics Hammerhead-Head, The Last
Messiah, and Football Dad alongside Mack White. He also co-created The Nocturnal
Mission alongside Italian artist Detrocboi.
Talcott Starr
Rescue Archaeology is a blend of memory, imagination, and observation, filtered
through poetry and poured into a comic. 

Valerie Starr
Octopus Story follows a curious octopus--an adventurous creature who is enjoying
learning about the world around it--who becomes bored with the ocean, and sets off
on a journey through the everyday world. It encounters new people, places, and
modes of transportation, and gains the companionship of one black kitten along the
way. Brave, and a little stubborn, Octopus's first experience outside the ocean
has given it a taste for future adventures.

John Steventon
HappyGlyphs Comics is the home of Cartoonist and Illustrator John
Steventon's creativity, including his two comic strips The Inquiring Minds and
Knight and Day.

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