Monday, April 14, 2014

Tired, Sore & Hoarse

I’m tired, sore and hoarse today… but it was worth it. After seeing all the creative energy this weekend I’m excited to start new projects and start working on SPACE 2015.  I couldn’t ask for a better community of friendly people enjoying our common love for the comics medium. It keeps me going.
Thanks to all the exhibitors for making SPACE such a joy to put on each year and everybody I sucked  into doing panels which provided all the great programming.
Also thanks to Nate Powell for allowing us an early look at March Book Two before anybody else.  Nate and Ken Eppstein also deserve a hardy thanks for being troopers for singing the night away and then getting up in a few hours to make us look good on local TV.
Thanks to Stang and the crew at the Laughing Ogre for the great party Friday night and to Caitlin McGurk (the unstoppable force) and Kafe Kerouac for the comics reading and karaoke after party on Saturday.

Thanks to all the people who came to see all the  incredible work. 
I‘d like to especially thank my wife, Kathy, my brother, Ron, my son, Bob  and Fate Spears for running the show with me.  (Check out the great work Fate does with the Comic Book Connection Initiative
Hope everybody had a safe trip home and hope to see you all again next year.
Bob Corby


  1. Who are the two exhibitors in the last picture? I want to track them down for a print I passed on.

  2. It was a wonderful weekend of meeting ultra cool folks as always. I've already got 2015 on my mind! :)