Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SPACE Exhibitors Bio Part 8

 Ryan Smith:
Ryan Smith began cartooning in 1999 and continued publishing on the web and print to this date. His current series, Accursed Dragon, is a light hearted fantasy story focusing on humor and adventure.
Greg Sorkin:
Greg Sorkin is your typical every-man. When forced to wear pants, he puts them on one leg at a time just like you. By day, he’s an office drone; by night, he writes, produces and letters comics and designs logos. A pop culture junkie, his interests include TV, movies, comics, video games and buying guitar equipment he doesn’t use enough BUT CAN’T STOP PURCHASING. Check out his work at so he can continue to buy more gear.

Melinda Timpone:
White Noise is a post-apocalyptic science fiction webcomic that has been running for almost ten years.  It follows genetically engineered soldiers as they find each other and band together to protect what remains of humanity.  Mindy started the project as a love letter to the animation and comics of her youth, and it has since grown into an epic tale in its own right.

Ben Tye:
Ben Tye is both a musician and cartoonist. Normal days can find him in the general Minneapolis area working on comics or practicing with his band, Ungrateful Little String Band.
Robbie  Vegas:
Robbie Vegas is an entertainer based in Akron, Ohio. He sings, dances and draws pictures. Robbie makes ORT comics for Diluvian Enterprises.

Eric T. Voigt:
Smunch Monthly Digest is a publication of illustrations, comics, and prose from Eric T. Voigt from the Black Bear Collective.

Josh White:
Josh White is a graphic novelist living in Columbus, Ohio. He has an MFA in Comics from the California College of the Arts and he has self published many short stories and graphic novels.
David Wilson:
David Wilson assumes many roles; designer, illustrator, videographer and writer. Projects range from client driven assignments to personal works. After earning a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, David went on to work for clients such as The Atlantic, New York Magazine, WWE, The Boston Globe, The Uptime Institute, Men's Journal, GFDA, Harvard University, INC. Magazine, Kent State University, and many more.
David also works on a multitude of passion projects. He publishes All Teeth Zine, plays drums in Eternities, writes and directs short films and produces independent comics through Downpour.
David currently lives and works in Ohio alongside Omega Red, a 90 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bruce Worden:
Constantly confusing optimism with sarcasm, Bruce is totally sure his comic series "Woodstalk" (about zombies at Woodstock) will be the next big hit. Until that happens, he is best known for his rock-n-roll picture book "Goodnight Keith Moon" and his pictoblog “Homophones, Weakly.” He lives (that is to say, bikes, eats chocolate, and collects records) in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife and son.
Jason Young:
If not for comics Jason would probably have done something really great with his life. Won't you at least read his comics so it won't have all been for nothing?
Jason Yungbluth:
MAD magazine cartoonist and publisher of Deep Fried, Weapon Brown and PEEK!

Cait Zellers:
Cait is a comic artist and illustrator working out of the weirdness that is Austin, Texas. She's the creator of Hey Chikita Hey! A weekly webcomic about life, love, and skeletons, as well as her self published books My Cats Are Jerks, and The Elizabeth Pill with writer Myke McNoldy. She loves making comics, reading comics, eating pizza while reading comics, and taking way too many selfies with her cats.


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