Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SPACE Exhibitor Bios- The Finale!

Daniel Luster:
Daniel is a starry-eyed artist who was born to compose numerous types of art such as abstract paintings, eclectic drawings and prismatic jewelry. In addition to art, Daniel loves to write fabulous stories and descriptive essays.

Ethan Mollette:
Ethan is a young artist whose artistic capacity ranges from finely detailed sketches to complex clay works. Ethan’s ornate trees and snowman design is featured as a holiday card. Some of Ethan’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with his friends and sketching tattoo designs.

Lee Smith:

Lee Smith is the hardest working artist you've never heard of. Lee is the creator of Ohio Chronicles  (the only mini-comic about Ohio history), the Cosine Cadets (Saving the Galaxy one MATH problem at a time!) and Sammy Spiffy Super Robot and Calculator Chicken!  His website, www.OhioComics.com presents FIVE (5!) new pages a week on his blog. Come talk to him.

Jaromir Stoll:
Jaromir is a bi comics creator, educator, and researcher - with a creative focus on stories of the ineffable in life and a research focus on indie comics and community in India. His recent work includes the latest volume of Sadie Hawkins & the Girl in Question, autobio comics about moving to Ohio called "Dear Denver" and short works in Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating.

Tim Switalski:
Tim likes to draw. In the 1st grade he decided be an artist. He's still working on that goal. You can check out his progress on Instagram @timswit!

Gregory M. Thompson:
Gregory M. Thompson is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writer with publishing credits in Macabre Realms, Digizine, Aphelion Webzine, Concisely, Digital Dragon Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Midwest Literary Review, Roar and Thunder, The Fringe Magazine and more. He also has an award-nominated science fiction piece in the collection, Steampunk Anthology, published by Sonar4 Publications and has a horror/western story called "Cora" in the anthology, Welcome to Hell: an Anthology of Western Weirdness, edited by Eric S. Brown. Nightcry and The Golden Door are two of his novels, released in March and June 2011 respectively.

Vagabond Comic Collective:

Vagabond comics is a periodic and independently published comics anthology based in Cleveland Ohio. Much like a campfire serves as a gathering place for the wild tales of ragtag travelers, we aim to provide a unified, storytelling platform for a diverse collection of voices.

Jack Wallace:
Disposable Fiction Comics is a small press publisher consisting of one writer and one colorist and letterer. We collaborate with thoughtful, creative artists rich in talent. We create short fiction to read on the subway or the bus on the way to work. Though you may throw our comics away at the end of your trip, our stories will stick in the back of your mind.
Disposable Fiction Comics is trying to add something new to your world. Our bread and butter are bite size one shot stories done in an anthology style with a new artist for each story. We’ve also assembled a few one shot issues. Our stories vary genre and reflect a diverse cast of characters. We bring magic, truth, paranormal accounts, theological debate, modern crimes, and stories from lives that will never be.

Travis Williams:
Co creator of TandRFusion Chill artist guy Youtuber and creator of EpiCarrie.

Seth Wolfshorndl:

Born and raised in northwest Montana, Seth Wolfshorndl currently resides in Missouri with his wonderful wife and daughter.  He supports his comic book habit by teaching art to unsuspecting high schoolers and by freelance illustrating for such clients as Glacier National Park.  He writes and draws comics that include Duel, Random Ink, and Rook City (also featuring writing by his Three Trees Studios partner, Elton Gahr).  For ten years, he has been sponsoring an afterschool Cartoonist Club for his high-schoolers, who produce two volumes of comics every school year.  This is the first time that Seth has tabled at S.P.A.C.E. since 2006, and he is excited to be back!  You can see more of his work at www.threetreesstudios.com.

 Bruce Worden:

Built by cyborg parents before the Disaster, Bruce Worden is still assimilating his experiences into a meaningful matrix that may one day save us all.

Ben Wright-Heuman:
Ben Wright-Heuman hails from Richmond, VA. A lifelong writer and doodler, he studied film and screenwriting at Kenyon College before realizing that comics were his true passion and calling.
After graduating from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2016, he moved to Columbus, OH, where he works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. His comics span the genres of mystery, science fiction, horror, humor, and nonfiction.

Matt Wydick:
Matt Wydick is a freelance artist and independent comic maker. He likes goofy humor, video games, and long walks on the beach.

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