Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 7

Lauren McCallister:

Lauren is a degenerate human being who enjoys making comics and hanging out with her cats. Her works include Teen Girl Killed and Bad Sex.

Ben Miller & Julio Guerra:

Ben Miller is a writer who has created a miniseries called Judges.  Julio Guerra is a arist/writer who has created the series Deathbag and Super Dead Beat Dad.  Ben and Julio together created the one shot wrestling comic Botched and the webcomic Nerdlife.   

Robert Monsarrat:
Robert Monsarrat of "Monsarrat's Monsters" is a writer and illustrator in love with, well, monsters. Since the age of six he has been chronicling the exploits of a Dinosaur Demigod, Rarraku. Rarraku hasn't fired him yet, so he must be doing a good job!

Joseph Morris:
Joseph Morris is the owner/operator of TORC Press, a Small Press Comic Book Publisher based out of central Illinois. He is a 17 year veteran of the small press. His major project is "7 Worlds", a wild, multiversal epic exploring the boundaries of genre comics. In addition, he occasionally works on a comic strip called Quixote Coyote. He's recently started work on "The COSMINOMICON", a book which may prove to be his life's work (maybe, who knows?).  Other than that, he's recently formed an alliance with some other small press publishers called the Interstate Comix Group.

Kasandra Murray:
Known for her childlike determination to evade her vegetables and doodle, Kasandra Murray’s (http://www.kasandramurray.com/) lifestyle often takes a seriously silly route. With a positive attitude and the natural overabundance of mishaps that come her way, she falls in the rare category of a rebellious illustrator who enjoys working in InDesign and laying out huge pages of type. Working with local bands and interning at Promowest Productions, Kasandra pushed to expand her skills as a designer and illustrator, amassing a repertoire of imagery opening into fine art. Even with the sudden sharp turns that life takes Kasandra knows it’s only what you make it, and that’s why she chooses to use as many strokes, line widths and textures as she embraces the unexpected.

Steven Myers:

Steven Myers is by trade an Art Teacher in northern Ohio. He applies his artistic side by making polymer clay statues, painting, and drawing in both pastel and ink. His normal subjects are comics and pop culture subjects. He also writes and draws his own mini-comic, the F.E.D.s, and the webcomics "Mutant Elf" and "Mutant Animals vs. Zombies Vs. Machines vs. Humans". Plus he regularly contributes to several anthologies.

Laz Neptune:
Laz Neptune is the creator of the surreal, darkly humorous "Krazy Noodle Massacre," a long-form comic about one man's all-consuming obsession with a generic macaroni product. Her art style looks like Richard Corben's comic work from "Heavy Metal" had a love child with 90s Nicktoons.

Shon Norris:
Hey everyone. My name is Shon Norris. I write worlds. Beginner at drawing, Lord of writing. Been writing comics since 2011. Feel free to contact me at my email or Instagram.
Mackenzie O'Connell:
Mackenzie O'Connell is a comic artist who focuses on having strange and silly characters put in situations that force them to grow. She often has no idea what's going on.

John Orlando:
The PVDcast podcast is hosted by John Orlando. Episodes contain John's opinions on his passions - wrestling, comics, film & hockey.

Maryanne Rose Papke:

Maryanne Rose Papke has been self-publishing short comics since 2010. Her comics are usually weird, often silly, typically cute, sometimes sad, and occasionally epic. She has more than 8 minicomics in print, and also produces the fantasy webcomic, Xylobone Tomes.

Stephanie Phillips:
Very very small press produces handmade books, block prints, and full-color art zines out of the mcmicken freespace community space in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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