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SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 6

Kat Klockow:
Kat is the pink-haired spunky brains behind the popular online webtoon fantasy series Jinxed and two urban horror fantasy graphic novel stories: Spiritus Maximus, and Miss Grey. She is the artist for the graphic novel Zombio, a story written by her husband, Mike, when he was nine years old and adapted into a graphic novel over 20 years later.
Besides comics, Kat and her animation friend Rachel Maguire host a weekly podcast called Panel Power, focusing on insider tips and tricks and humors stories for those improving their craft of comics.

Clare Kolat:
Clare Kolat is a Pop-Surrealist artist and designer from Cleveland, OH. The female form and the natural realm are common elements in her work as she juxtaposes her figures with flora and fauna in sensual, magical dreamscapes.
She is also an independent comic creator. Clare's comics have been featured in such publications as Cleveland Scene Magazine, Vagabond Comics, and The Ohio City Tremont Observer. Her short comic "New Here" was nominated for the 2015 S.P.A.C.E. Prize.

Theora Kvitka:
Theora Kvitka is a comics artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. Theora has drawn comics about bad dates, falling asleep in public, mosquitos and drinking scotch (but not all at once). She's self-published many comic books and has shown her work in D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh and London.

Kyle Latino:
Kyle Latino has been drawing comics since 2009. His first self-published work was GIDEON’S TRIP, which embraced the then new digital format of the iPhone and iPod Touch with a unique scrolling format. His comics work has been published in Image’s anthology OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3, Monkeybrain’s digital Comixology exclusive PRIME 8’s, and FRESH ROMANCE from Rosy Press.

Brian E. Lau:
Brian E. Lau has worked as a cover artist for Hall of Heroes. The independent comic book company that artists Ethan Van Sciver and Trent Kaniuga also started from. Brian has also worked as a graphic artist, in the automotive industry, co-writing music, & dabbled in animation. He is now launching his 1st independent graphic novel “Staunch Ambition”. What happens when human innovation enters the supernatural? A supernatural sci-fi graphic novel by Brian E. Lau, John McNichol, Tyler Thull, Neal Anderson, & Erwin J. Arroza. Cover artist Clayton Crain, Freddie Williams II and Khoi Pham of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Valiant & IDW. Welcome… to the new enlightenment!

Douglas Laubacher:

Douglas Laubacher is a cartoonist and art educator from Northeast Ohio. His comic strip, “Unbound,” can be read in the Tuscarawas County Bargain Hunter and the Wooster Weekly News. He is a member of the National Cartoonist Society and makes his studio home at Mr. McGillicutty’s in Dover Ohio. Doug holds a BA in fine art from the University of Mount Union. He can often be found traversing the land, teaching the mysterious craft of cartooning at various art centers and libraries throughout the region

Michael Laughead:
Lives: Columbus, Ohio
Jobs: Teacher and Illustrator
Hobbies: Argentina national soccer/fútbol team, reading, movie watching and cleaning up after my 3 daughters.
I came to Columbus to attend the MFA program at CCAD and now I teach and advise students in the Illustration and Comics and Narrative Practice programs at CCAD. Also, I do freelance work, making comics and creating illustrations in the children's market. I received my BFA from Brigham Young University - Idaho. In Idaho, I met my amazing wife, Candace. (She's still the best thing I got out of school). We have 3 beautiful daughters.
Before going to college, I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for two years in the north-western part of Argentina. While there I learned Spanish and not to be afraid to ask total strangers to change their lives.

Patrick Lay:

A lover of sad songs, hairless cats, and ice cream, Patrick has been making comics for kids since 2013.  He recently finished an MFA in Comics program from the California College of the Arts and has a BFA in Oil Painting form Valparaiso University.
Patrick loves teaching about comics and how to make them.

Dale Lazarov:
Dale Lazarov is the writer, art director and licensor of Sticky Graphic Novels -- wordless, gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels for an international audience that are considered
“a joyous expression of male/male sexuality that, while erotic, is neither grubby nor tasteless” (The Novel Approach).  Since 2006, he has collaborated on 12 hardcover and 39 digital Sticky Graphic Novels with distinctive and evocative comics artists from around the globe.  In his secret identity, he is Aldo Alvarez, Ph.D. and he lives in Chicago.

Nola Lee:

Nola Lee is a full time freelance artist, illustrator and snack enthusiast. Located in Northern Kentucky on the Ohio river, Nola draws, paints, and animates from her quirky and quaint small town studio. When she isn't creating she can be found reading classic Sailor Moon mangas, watching Great British Bake Off, or out on a historic neighborhood stroll meeting the local cats. Works by Nola can be found on all social handles at @nolaleeart or on Etsy at @NolaLeeSTORE.

Craig Lindsley:

Craig Lindsley has had a love of comics since early in his childhood. In 1991, Craig earned his Associate Degree in Commercial Art. After gaining some experience in that field, Craig returned to school and attained a Bachelor Degree in Art with a minor in Education. He formally taught art to Middle Schoolers at Horizon Science Academy. Craig is a member of the Parma Area Fine Arts Council, where he teaches “How to Draw Superheroes.” He donates artwork to a near-by comic book shop that raffles the items to raise funds for a local foodbank.  Craig and his wife serve regularly at their church, where, he also donates pieces for their yearly “Back to School Fest.” When Craig isn’t creating he is enjoying time with his wife, children and 3 cats

Pära Low:
Pära is an autobiographical author with a focus in horror and mythology who seeks to make the foreign or frightening accessible to her audience.

Theodore Mallison:
Theodore Mallison is a cartoonist, animator, and game designer from Akron Ohio. He publishes comics and roleplaying games under the name Cooperative Adventures Limited.

Frank James Bailey:

Frank James Bailey is an accomplished voice actor with over 25 years of experience. You can hear his voice on countless radio & TV commercials, book trailers and explainer videos.
His voice can also be heard on the Channel Frederator YouTube channel. He voices Disney Dark Secretes along with 107 Facts about Pinky & The Brain and Then vs Now: My Little Pony.
As a published author he self-published and wrote 3 family-friendly illustrated novels about a female superhero named Tercona. 
Tercona is a superhero with the power to create anything, except air, water and living things. Her constructions, however, are only temporary. The bigger the object the faster it disappears. The smaller the object the longer it takes to disappear. Blue electric bolts project from her thumb and first 2 fingers. In her family, only Tercona and her mother Medea have these powers! Raised on a distant planet called Badacore 3, she escaped the evil clutches of her mother and along with her father and younger brother found a new home on Earth. Tercona now protects the people of Earth from villains. Deep down she harbors a fear her mother might someday find her.  
Read about Tercona's adventures in:
Tercona: Book 1 – Our New Home 
Tercona: Book 2 – Dr. Q & The Banana Gun.
Tercona: Book 3 - Trinity's Traps. 

Find out more about Tercona and her friends on 

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