Thursday, March 10, 2016

SPACE 2016 Exhibitor Bios Part 2

Marcus Coleman:
Pie and Mischief is comic started in 2009 that is comprised of random jokes, and some long form stories here and there. Marcus Coleman is also a part of Black Bear Collective a group of friends just publishing zines and comics.

Leighton Connor:
Leighton Connor is the co-creator, with his daughter Abigail, of The Electric Team. He currently writes the Electric Team comic until Abby is old enough to take over. Leighton is also one of the artists behind the Seeing Calvino tumblr, the illustrator of The Twible, the writer and artist of the web comic series Fuzzball & Scuzzball, the creator of the Laser Brigade, and a co-founder of Hex Games.

Guy D. Copes III:
Artist and writer for Angry Artist’s Studios, hailing from Harlem, NYC, by way of Los Angeles. Future King of Comics.

Brian Coté:
Brian Coté won the Ducks Unlimited art contest in fourth grade. This is the first and last art award. He has since collected more college degrees than he can use and has lived in various cities (mostly in West Michigan).
He began Catalyst Comics with friend and fellow contributor, Louis Tyler Simmons, in 2015. So far they have released two volumes of their flagship title “The Black Ansaar and Other Stories” with a third volume to debut in late 2016.

 Eric Couch:
Eric "EY" Couch Sr. is a native of Columbus, Ohio Italian Village/Short North, currently residing in Old North/University District. He is a writer, penciler and illustrator/concept artist. His influences are Frank Frazzetta, Boris Vallejo, Jim Lee, Kenneth Rocafort and Shiro Masamune. He enjoys 80's to 90's Hip HopR&B, Rock, Classic Dancehall and Reggae. His goal in life is to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating art.

Brent Daniels:
Brent Daniels is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer and co-founder of Elemental P Press along with illustrator Brandon Flaig. His credits include writing the pulp adventure comic Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice (co-created with Flaig).

Jason Davis:
Jason Davis (Writer) was born 8/18/1982, and grew up in Manchester, Ohio.  Jason graduated high school in 2000 and then attended Morehead State University pursuing a communications degree. Over the years to fill the time between his birth and untimely death Jason has followed a passion for music. He also appreciates art in all forms, from books to movies to paintings.
Jason began his interest in comics in 2013 as another venue for his creativity, and started the company P4Y with Jeremy King. Jason currently resides in Maysville, KY.

Amalia DeGirolamo:
Amalia is a Cleveland-based illustrator, designer and comic book artist with a weakness for sweaters and fart jokes. When she's not drawing, Amalia enjoys a good cheeseburger or the occasional adventure.

Sean M Dempsey:
Sean M Dempsey graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. His independent comics focus on curiosity and adventure through traveling or misfit characters. Whether in a comic, illustration, or cartoon, his stories embrace a balance of innocent and cynical protagonists. Sean hopes to create diverse, relatable characters that the audience can witness their inner growth, discovery, and individuality.
CNDillon creates illustrations, indie comics, paintings, drawings, graphic designs, murals, public art, wood carvings, costumes, masks, photographs, cartoons, sets, props, and found-object sculptures. Many of the images are based in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, pyschedelia, surrealism, animals and nature.

Millad Draudt:
Dog-Eared is a single panel cartoon that I have been drawing for over 15 years now. It is published in several newspapers and brings joy, peace and enlightenment to all who read it.

Jon Drawdoer:
Jon Drawdoer is a queer cartoonist living in Chicago. He has written, drawn, and self-published many print comics, among them "Buck", "Infinite Jest Tijuana Bible", and "Mindfulness Comics". Jon has studied cartooning at the Old Town School of Folk Music and the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW). He has contributed to anthologies about bears, school mascots, and professional wrestling.

Nate Dray:
Nate Dray is  a cartoonist and publisher living in Kent, Ohio. He likes to draw jungles and robots. His small press is called Diluvian Enterprises.  Also, he likes things and is nice. natedray

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