Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 4

Lewis Gordon:
Lewis Gordon is a Columbus native who enjoys being part of the local comic book and film community. His influences are Norman Rockwell, Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal) and Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon). This is his first comic con.

Alex Hand:
Alex Hand is a recovering anime fanboy and a Romantic painting enthusiast. His works are heavily influenced by superhero comics and classical mythology. He works in a range of mediums including oil paint, ink, animation, and digital 3-D media.

Marina Harkness:
Marina Harkness is a cartoonist and student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Mostly autobiographical, her work is varied in tone with post-internet humor and imagery, borrowing from both indie and mainstream alike. She is a Libra and a 'go-getter'.

Joe Haines:
Joe Haines' iron-fisted rule as President of Blind Alley Comics continues His signature work, The Strange Adventures of Bone Boy, features a corpsey secret agent who rescues children from their nightmares. Most days find him rocking out to strange music, screaming out unholy noise on his electric guitar. Approach with caution! 

Steve Harmon:
Self published artist creator from Cincinnati Ohio.

Headshrinker's Press:
Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio HeadShrinker's Press is utilizing the web to its full potential. They have writers, artist and colorist from all over the United States and around the world. Which is why they always say that they are 'a small independent label with a global footprint'. Shrinking heads and blowing minds with both their print books and their web comics including the titles 'Sons of YellowStone', 'LandSlide', 'Plague', 'The Spiritualist' and 'Glenn Reaper'. HeadShrinker's Press is a growing label with long term goals.

Robert Hendricks:
R. Hendricks is a Michigan-based visual storyteller captivated by comics about the bizarre, eccentric and troubled lives of human beings.

Luke Herr:
Luke Herr is a freelance writer and editor who also writes and edits for FreeStyle Komics. His work ranges from gothic romance to superhero to pulp adventures to just weird stuff. With a variety of collaborator's he's worked on titles such as Socialfist, Changeling, Jazan Hull Forever, Super Slasher, Luchador Senator and more. He is also one of the minds behind MultiversalQ.

Stephen Hines:
Stephen Hines
was spawned and currently lives in Ohio. When he’s not infiltrating the system by teaching high school English he’s writing. So far he’s published one young adult novel (Hocus Focus), a graphic novel (Valedictorian USA: Vol. 1), a one-shot surrealist horror comic (Icon-O-Plastic), and has several ongoing comic book series (Valedictorian USA, Crackerstacker, and Zombie Fabulous!). His memoir (Rebirth Defect: My Journey From Catholic Altar Boy to Teen Atheist to Adult Christian Metal Evangelist and Back to Atheism) that will surely alienate the few friends he still has will be released in June.

Daniel J. Hogan:
Daniel J. Hogan is a cartoonist and writer from Lansing, Michigan. In 2012, Daniel decided to put the voices in his head to good use and started making his own comic strip, Clattertron (found at Combining cartoony characters and off-beat humor, Daniel creates a new all-ages comic each week.

Rebecca Hubble:
Letterer of The Black Ansaar and Other Stories Anthology

J.M. Hunter:
J.M. Hunter of Angry Artist’s Studios originally "sails", from Southern California, now residing in Washington, IL with his family and 1001 Creative Ideas That Just Need To Get Done! He's also a Sagitarius.

Joe Hunter:
Joe Hunter is a professional artist who has made classic comics such as Changeling, Radical Guardian Skater X and many more! He also does coloring, lettering and just about anything else you might need.

Matt Jorgenson:
Matt Jorgenson has been writing for over three decades. He is the author of; Coagulation - A Clot of Stories, The Hermaphroditic Shaman and the Missing Bottle of Ketchup, Possible Particles and the Bifurcated Homunculus, and Extraordinary Ostriches.

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