Monday, March 7, 2016

SPACE 2016 Exhibitor Bios Part 1

Eric Adams:
Eric Adams is a writer/artist best known for his creator-owned comic series, LACKLUSTER WORLD – a satire about a man with albinism trying to change the world using vandalism and his journalism career all the while fending off his brother and sister’s unusual attempts to religiously convert him.
In January 2015, Adams launched NARRIER, a comics publishing and distribution company. Under the Narrier name, Adams will continue showcasing Lackluster World, as well as several new titles written by Adams including GOODBYE WEATHER, PECKING ORDER, and RUMSPRINGA!

Samantha Albert:
Samantha Albert has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and is the visual artist for The Electric Team. Her favorite things in life are coffee, practical lady armor, and books that are really just about other books. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design in 2013, and is now putting those skills towards drawing as many unicorns as she can.

Daniel Anderson:
Daniel Anderson is a software developer in Chicago with a passion for all things improv.  In college, he double majored in computer science and studio art while performing with and presiding over the campus improv and sketch comedy troupes Scared Scriptless and St. O’Laugh.
Since graduating in 2012 he has continued to pursue his passion in both improv and art.  In improv he has studied at the famed iO and Second City  theaters as well as performed in house teams at the Gorilla Tango Theater and One Group Mind.  He is also a member of independent improv duo the Flower Shop Bangers.  He has also continued his artwork which has been displayed at such art shows as The Pancakes and Booze Art Show and at RAW Artists Chi Town. You can view his resume here.
All for a Punchline is his web comic, his company, and his passion. He produces it by going to improv shows and taking pictures. He then sorts through the photos, picks one or two that he likes and then puts them into Adobe Illustrator to hand trace them with a pen and tablet adding any props and costumes that he sees fit.

Carl Antonowicz:
Carl Antonowicz is a 2011 graduate of the center for Cartoon Studies. In addition to making and publishing his own comics he MCs Dr. Sketchy's events and teaches Sequential Art classes at the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, PA.

Alex Araiza:
Alex Araiza, a self-proclaimed human, known mostly for his simple act of existing. When not busy with that, he can be found working on comics or writing.

Glenn Baskin:
80 Proof Comix has been around since the late 80's in various forms. In 2007 it began a true story-line (Days of Bewilderment) featuring past characters put in a new situation. Taking bits, pieces, fragments, and experiences from working in the DD/Mental Health group home setting, I've worked on creating a comedic realistic look at the staff that work these homes and some of the situations they face (without getting on a soap-box). Currently working on Chapter 8(Ha!), Chapters 1-7 are collected in affordable editions.

Craig Bogart:
Publisher of the Ineffables since 2001, longtime member of the Columbus-based small press collective PANEL.  Blue-eyed devil with excellent oral hygiene.

Sequoia Bostick:
Sequoia Bostick is an freelance illustrator and designer based in Cleveland Ohio. Since gaining an interest in the small press business she has created many short story comics that can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Brent Bowman:
Brent Bowman is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art And Design with a degree in Illustration. A lifelong comics fan, Brent has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, as well as the collectible card game Age of Empires. He’s a contributing member of PANEL, a local comics collective that publishes two anthologies a year. Brent has been nominated for the small press SPACE prize in 2008, 2010 and 2011 for both his PANEL work and his own original self published comics.

Hannah Burns:
Illustration student at CCAD

Lauren Burke:
Lauren Burke makes her money as an Acquisitions Editor in Children's Publishing.  She is the writer of P.I. Jane and I’m Not OmniGirl, and has been published in several anthologies. Lauren enjoys traveling, theatre, and exotic donuts. Look up her work at Monkeys Plus Typewriters Press, it might make you smile.

Marcus V. Calvert:
Marcus V. Calvert is a native of Detroit who grew up with an addiction to sci-fi.  Since 2011, he’s written six books.

Michael Anthony Carroll:
I self published my first mini-comic in 1987. Current titles include: AsthmaAttack, R.A.In.B.o.W., The Right Condition, World's Beardest, Chibi Super Ninjas, RIP and F'orceMen. I've consistently produced comics since age 10, using mediums ranging from crayon to vector. My approaches to character and dialogue have brought me a growing and enthusiastic following of people who really aren't related to me. I am currently publishing in various places online; in the Oh! Comics anthology for Bob Corby, and I was a featured contributor to Jim Main's *PPFSZT! for Main Enterprises. I also contributed to the "Bowl Full of Happiness" sea monkeys anthology to raise funds for The Hero Initiative. And I created a picture font of ninjas. My current goal is to be the Leading Digital Stick Figure Cartoonist in Central Ohio. You can find me on Facebook(Michael Anthony Carroll, of course), and at, but I live in Columbus Ohio.

Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) is a private college of art and design located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Originally founded in 1879 as the Columbus Art School, CCAD is one of the oldest private art and design colleges in the United States. Located in downtown Columbus, CCAD's campus consists of 14 buildings (including 2 residence halls) and is adjacent to the Columbus Museum of Art. Approximately 1,350 full-time students are enrolled. Spitball: A CCAD Comics Anthology is a collaboration between some of comics' top writers and specially selected students from Columbus College of Art and Design. As part of the Spring Comics Practicum course, students learned the ins-and-outs of creating a marketing a book.

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