Sunday, March 20, 2016

SPACE Exhibitor Bios Part 5

April Kasulis:
April Kasulis, your full-time overlord and artist, can be found in the Minneapolis area (though, be wary not to incur her righteous anger). Also, a friend to all dogs, big and small!

Melissa Mariko Kieselburg:
Melissa Mariko Kieselburg is a comic artist and illustrator with a focus on queer themes.

Jeremy King:
Jeremy King (Writer/Artist)  believes you're only as old as you feel...and he feels pretty old. After years of pursuing a love of music (and working a series of crappy jobs), he has returned to his childhood love of creating comics. Living in a converted barn in the wilds of Kentucky with his amazing wife and several cats, he is currently hoping to work up to a career in the arts (while working a steady crappy job).
Jordan Kirian:
We are a small press comic making unit based out of Marysville, Ohio. We formed in summer 2015 and aim to create all sorts of stories, believing we can do anything with words and pictures.

Matt Kish:
Matt Kish is a self-taught artist who lives in southwest Ohio with his wife, their frog, and far too many books and comics.
Alex Kolesar:
Alex Kolesar is the co-creator and artist behind the action-comedy webcomic No Need for Bushido, which has been online since 2001. He is also a full time animator and illustrator for the online game Flight Rising.
J.W. Kovell:
J.W. Kovell is the co-creator and writer for the long-running webcomic No Need for Bushido: a historical action-comedy set in a not-so-accurate Feudal Japan.

Karl Christian Krumpholz:
An oddly displaced East Coast native, Karl Christian Krumpholz is the writer/artist of such comics as the weekly The Denver Bootleg strip for Denver's Westword newspaper; and the daily comic adventures and True-ish Tales about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in his weekly webcomic 30 Miles of Crazy!
Karl Christian has also done illustration work for Mother Mind (Show Devils), VICE Magazine, Birdy, Suspect Press, and Modern Drunkard Magazine; provided artwork for the documentary ‘Neal Cassady’s Denver Years’ for Colorado Public Television; illustrated Daniel Landes’ short story ‘Revolt to What?’, as well as Rich English’s booze-y book ‘Beer for the Genius.'
Karl currently lives in Denver, CO with a beautiful woman, his trusted banjo, a pair of cats who stalk him for food, and is always looking for a better place to get a drink (which he writes about on his blog: 30 Miles of Cocktails). He also hates writing about himself in the third person. It’s creepy.

Juan Lara:
The comics you will find are not about a robot stealing lunch money from little kids. Robot Bully is simply the name of the website. Most of the comics you will find involve a teenage werewolf named Mims…or you might find more autobiographical comics.
You will also find comics about robots, super villains, and luckless creatures of the night. I like to try out new things here, and experiment with new ideas.

Nola Lee:
Illustrations, comics and cartoons by Nola Lee; a sneezy, dancing, always snacking freelance illustrator based in the Queen City. When she isn't making sweet treats in her basement apartment she can be found sipping coffee nose deep in a pile of Sailor Moon mangas.

Pascalle Lepas:
Pascalle is a twelve year comics veteran. In 2014 she completed the 1,000 page sci-fi epic Zap! and currently draws the popular supernatural webcomic Wilde Life.

Aaron Lindeman:
Aaron Lindeman is an artist living in Ohio. He works on comics, illustrations, and the occasional painting. He cannot cross running water, and is particularly susceptible to weapons made of silver. He once did a backflip, and it was pretty cool.

Marissa Luna:
Marissa Luna is a self published cartoonist from the Minneapolis. She makes comics about space adventures, queer romance, roller derby and her own experiences.
Griffin Lundeen:
Griffin Lundeen is a illustrator and cartoonist.

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