Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Begin!!!!

Carl Antonowicz:
Carl Antonowicz is a soot-blackened mockery of the human form, with naught but ink and bile for blood.

Clint Basinger:
Clint Basinger is the creator, writer, and artist of Cosmic Moustache Comics. Through CMC, Clint has printed 25 comics (and counting)… Creating a universe full of heroic & humorous characters such as, Mummynaut, Johhnysaurrus-Rex, Skull Spy, Merlinja, and many more.  Read Cosmic Moustache Comics, and fill your moustache with Space-Magic!  Check Out:

Glenn Baskin:
80 Proof Comix has been around since the late 80's in various forms. In 2007 it began a true story-line (Days of Bewilderment) featuring past characters put in a new situation. Taking bits, pieces, fragments, and experiences from working in the DD/Mental Health group home setting, I've worked on creating a comedic realistic look at the staff that work at these homes and some of the situations they face (without getting on a soap-box). Currently working on Chapter 10 (the last chapter), Chapters 1-9 are collected in affordable editions.

Sequoia Bostick:
Tinker, Tailor, Maker, Artist. Co-founder of Vagabond Comics.

Charles Brubaker:
Originally from Japan and raised in a Japanese-American family, Charles Brubaker rose to prominence in the cartoon circle,  assisting historians on animation books while he was still a teenager. In college, he started drawing comics for the student-run paper, as well as the local city paper. In 2012, he graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a BFA in Graphic Design. Brubaker contributes to MAD Magazine and SpongeBob Comics, draws comics Ask a Cat and The Fuzzy Princess, and writes about animation history.

Scott Bufis and illustrator Matthew Salazar:
Two Tone Comix is the illustrated stories from writer Scott Bufis and illustrator Matthew Salazar. Their comic book, Esoteric Dialogue, is a series of weird short stories based in conspiracy theories, alternative history, and philosophy. They also do comics for Lumpen Magazine in Chicago and publish minis such as their newest story, The Seeker: A Graphic Poem.

Flor de Canela:
Flor de Canela is a vivacious Latina woman artist and lifelong geek girl. In the 90s, when she was in high school, she saw the X-Men cartoon series and was inspired to create her own superhero comic books. However, she soon had to put those dreams aside so she could get on living her life and earn a degree in graphic design. After spending 30+ years in the graphic design industry as well as creating fine arts and illustrations, Flor has recently returned to her first passion and is focused on becoming a comics creator. Her debut webcomic series is “Stuck-Up Unicorn Comics.” It features Flor and her eclectic sense of humor and observations from her everyday life. It also stars “Unicorn,” a once-upon-a-time celebrity who Flor meets and gets to know over the course of the series. Much like many formerly famous stars, “Unicorn” is nothing like how he was once portrayed back in his heyday. Their conversations reveal how the reality of fame can change over time and lead to some dark/humorous situations.

Comix Party:
Comix Party has taken many forms over the years: starting as a weekly collaborative drawing night for local Detroit artists, taking a detour into aktionist-performance, doubling back to be a thoroughly nihilistic podcast, evolving into a pretty fun-loving public access talk show, and settling down to where we are now; a small-scale producer of beautifully bound and printed books and artist-multiples, and for-hire consultancy for like-minded artists, writers and illustrators.
Comix Party is operated entirely by Kevin Eckert and Michael Burridge, multimedia artists and entrepreneurs at-large. Truth Dart is their ongoing series of comix, focusing on the nature of friendship.

Alexis Cooke:
Alexis Cooke loves fizzy drinks, chunky kitties, and mini dolls. Drawing from her life experiences, Alexis creates works dealing with mental illness, family dynamics and queer themes.

Joel Cramer:
Joel Cramer is the creator and one-man art team behind "Adventures of Honzy and Joel", an all-ages action/adventure comic series. Self-publishing since 2011, he has twelve books out now (#13 coming soon), two volumes, 1 giant "first season" volume and more.

Brent Daniels:
Brent Daniels is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer/artist and co-founder of Elemental P Press along with illustrator Brandon Flaig. The ongoing pulp adventure comic Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice is his first published work. You can find updates and general ramblings at:

Amalia DeGirolamo:
Cleveland based illustrator, designer, comic book artist, hair monster. Co-founder of Vagabond Comics.

Sean M Dempsey:
Sean M Dempsey graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. His independent comics focus on curiosity and adventure through traveling or misfit characters. Whether in a comic, illustration, or cartoon, his stories embrace a balance of innocent and cynical protagonists. Sean hopes to create diverse, relatable characters that the audience can witness their inner growth, discovery, and individuality.

Millard Draudt:
Single panel cartoons that are super funny, well pretty funny, I mean humorous to some people anyway. They are in a couple newspapers. Remember newspapers.

Nick Dutro:
Nick Dutro is a life-long comics fan and writer of 'Multi-'. He did his undergraduate work at Ohio Northern University, getting a BA in Journalism. He is currently an editor at the local daily newspaper.

Element of Art:
Element of Art Studio / Gallery is a non-profit art gallery that showcases the artistic talents of individuals with developmental disabilities affiliated with Richland Newhope Industries, Inc.  The public has the unique opportunity to interact with the artists as they create unique artwork including comic books which we will be showcasing at SPACE 2017.

Mike Eshelman:
Mike’s love of indie comics started in the 80s, when he was an assistant manager at Wizard of Comics in Columbus OH, and spent most of his day reading everything on the shelves.  Today, he joins his comic cohorts at DuskBunnies and pens tales of weirdness.  His first standalone horror title, “Camping”, a story about the boundaries of friendship pushed by the ultimate test, won the inaugural “Frightee Award” for best written fiction, followed by “Euphorium”, the first issue in the [non]collaboration series, a comic experiment.  His most recent horror title “ProLife” was nominated for “Best One Shot” and “Best Writer” for the 2015 Ghastly Award.  He also writes and draws mini comics for DuskBunnies; including issues of the “6th St. Saloon” series and the mini “Cavemen Love Breasts”.
Upcoming titles include “St. George and the Dragon Slayers”, an action title; and “Lap 666”, a homage to a dead musician, starring Satan (as himself).

Matt Feazell:
Matt Feazell comics and spot illustrations have appeared in Disney Adventures and Nickleodeon Magazine. His regular weekly series, "The Amazing Cynicalman" appears in two Michigan newspapers (the Hamtramck Review and Flint Comix & Entertainment) as well as at He and Jim Mackey are co-winners of the 2010 Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo SPACE Prize for best minicomic ("Board of Superheros™") and 2005 SPACE prize for Lifetime Achievement. Matt is currently promoting his latest project, an illustrated card game of presidential election politics.

Adam Fields:
Adam Fields is a self published comic book illustrator from Eaton, OH. He he has been drawing since he was 3 years old and just recently transitioned into illustrating full time but is still focusing on his creator owned title PROWL.


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