Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 4

Samantha Albert:
Samantha Albert is a cartoonist, illustrator, tarot card reader, and barista based in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently working on The Electric Team, an all-ages comic about a band of friends fighting 1,000 villains in order to restore civilization. There are unicorns, mechanized minotaurs, and the occasional identity crisis.

Dan Anderson:
All for a Punchline th web comic, company, and passion of artist Dan Anderson. He produces it by going to improv shows and taking pictures. He then sorts through the photos, picks one or two that he likes and then puts them into Adobe Illustrator to hand trace them with a pen and tablet adding any props and costumes that he sees fit.

Juan Argil:
Juan Argil is a sociopolitical abstract cartoonist with as much influence from his Latino roots as his admiration for European and Japanese art. He likes long walks on the beach, going to the movies and is fortunately unavailable. He also has a tendency to misplace his glasses so if you please find them contact him immediately.

Suzanne Baumann:
Suzanne makes comics from her attic in Hamtramck, MI. Minicomic titles include the series As Eavesdropped (based on overheard conversations), Turtleneck Boy (She created the character & 25 cartoonists did their take on him) and Ball Point (doodles, tiny and free). She’s currently working on Sucker Street, an online graphic novel. Follow it at

Harmony Becker:
Harmony Becker is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. She has been making illustrations and comics her whole life, and recently published Love Potion, a zine of sequential illustrations.

Blind Alley Comics:
Producing comic books since 2009, Blind Alley Comics is the most unique and independent of indie comic labels (so far)! Based out of Lansing, MI, artists Rick Schlaack and Joe Haines have joined forces to create fantastic tales of adventure, humor, and horror. Their collaborative project, Die K├Ątze, combines their love of Lovecraftian horror, silent movies, and pets of the feline variety…don’t miss it!

Thomas H Boeing:
Thomas H Boeing is a self-published comics creator born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he was inspired by the city and the stories it allowed him to experience. Horseshoes & Handgrenades is his latest, on-going story about the hardships of growing up and accepting adulthood.

Brent Bowman:
Brent Bowman is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art And Design with a degree in Illustration. A lifelong comics fan, Brent has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, as well as the collectible card game Age of Empires. Brent has been nominated for the small press SPACE prize in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and won for Best Graphic Novel in 2014, and 2nd place for best mini-comic in 2015. He lives in Columbus Ohio with his wife and two boys.

Abigail Connor:
Abigail Connor is the creator and co-writer of the comic series The Electric Team. She is in second grade. She loves comics, drawing, and junior roller derby.

Leighton Connor:
Leighton Connor writes the comic book series The Electric Team ( with the assistance of his daughter Abi. He writes and draws the web comic Laser Brigade ( He has also provided illustrations for the Seeing Calvino project ( and the book Fierce: Women of the Bible and Their Stories of Violence, Mercy, Bravery, Wisdom, Sex, and Salvation.

Ken Cooney:
Ken has written comic book scripts for the Superguy mailing list from 1988 - 1992 ( Currently living in a secret lair in Bellevue, Kentucky, Ken makes comics in his spare time. You can follow him on Twitter @Ken_Cooney or Facebook (look for "Ken Cooney - Cartoonist" or "The Adventures of Choco and Cocoa").


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