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SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 2!!!

Chelsea Fields:
Classically trained painter forced by her husband to make comics.

Brandon Flaig:
Brandon Flaig is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer/illustrator and co-founder of Elemental P Press along with writer Brent Daniels. His credits include illustrating the pulp adventure comic Twisted Tales of Two-Fisted Justice and writing and illustrating the mini-comic/short story Curse of the Demon’s Tooth. You can find updates and general ramblings at:

Jason Ford:
I've been covering indie comics for the last 5 years with the Womb Mates podcast and have 2 successful Kickstarter's under my belt for The Servant and Regret.

Sam Gafford:
Sam Gafford has been involved in small press comics for nearly 40 years. His brother, Carl Gafford, started the first small press co-op, the BPP. Inspired by Carl, Sam got into small press in the late 70s producing and contributing to many zines. During the 80s, he served two terms as Chairman of the United Fanzine Organization (which was what the BPP became later). He has published his own zines such as MONSTER WORLD and ETERNITY as well as being a regular contributor to Jim Main's many publications. Currently, Sam wrote the Caliber Comics graphic novel STRANGE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES and has written the upcoming graphic novel biography of H.P. Lovecraft (SOME NOTES ON A NON-ENTITY: THE LIFE OF H.P. LOVECRAFT).

Sami Gyekye:
Originally from Ghana, but been all over the place. And so goes for my work, all over the place. I switch up between comedy, fantasy, poetry, action, and so on, probably because I have no self-discipline. I like cheesecake. Mmmm....

Steven Hager:
Dutchy Digest featuring the PA Dutch Detective Amos Dingledorffer with his pet chicken Duke is now entering it's 13th year of publication. Steven's inspiration comes from being raised on a small farm in eastern PA. While growing up he never dreamed of being a writer but some stories must be told. Don'tcha nau!

Scott Hall:
Best known for writing his own autobiography in 1999 called “I like Con Air, so what?”. But also known for making comics, illustrations and really strange web-comics. Has been seen eating pizza without a license and practicing white wizard spells from Final Fantasy 3. To date, none of these spells have succeeded. Currently keeping the web-comic up to date as often as his baby hands can manage.

Meg Has Issues:
Meg is a struggling comic book artist that lives on anger and the tears of small children. She is an elusive creature but can occasionally be lured out of hiding by a good mocha. She was raised by a box of dollar bin comics and thrown out when they realized she would never grow into a limited edition holographic cover like they had hoped. Now she draws cartoons and paints constantly in an awkward attempt to regain their affection.

R. Hendricks:
R. Hendricks is a Michigan-based visual storyteller captivated by comics about the bizarre, eccentric and troubled lives of human beings.

Matt Horak:
Matt Horak is an comic book artist and illustrator from Akron, Ohio. Most recently, he has been writing and drawing a comic book called Octo Skull for the Akon-based guitar effects company Earthquaker Devices. He penciled the 2015 Image comics miniseries Covenant, written by Rob Liefeld.

Doug Hufford:
Doug Hufford is an artist and writer born in 1976 and raised in the Central Ohio area. He was first published nationally at the age of ten in a poetry compilation. He went on to study art at the Fort Hayes Vocational Center for the Arts. In the past decade he has rekindled his love of the comic medium and has produced several independent comic books as both a writer and artist. He is currently working on several projects for DuskBunnies Comics.

Jay B. Kalagayan:
Jay B. Kalagayan (MeSseD creator, writer and publisher) has been a writer of plays, cartoon strips, reviews, articles, humorous event calendars, promotional materials, fundraising appeals and grants.  A Xavier University graduate from Erie, PA, Jay has made Cincinnati home since 1992.  Mainly a theatre rat, Jay is founder of Know Theatre of Cincinnati, and one of the founders of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  He is currently working development at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, a two time Tony Award winning theatre.  His major influences are his wife Jan and daughters Meggie and Fi.

Zak Kinsella:
Historically, Zak Kinsella has been regarded as the Queen City's most distinctly eloquent bachelor. From humble beginnings as an illustrator for such publications as New York City's finest  newspaper, The New York Times, Kinsella found himself dissatisfied with the challenges that single image illustration afforded him. With that he set out to make the world's finest storytelling form: the comic book. After a few stumbles, Kinsella has at last found his way writing & drawing his own comic, OutrĂ© Veil, as well as multiple future comic books mystery's veil cannot yet reveal.

Mike Koneful:
Monster Comic & Roller Derby Cartoonist.

Karl Christian Krumpholz:
Originally from the East Coast, Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in VICE, Birdy magazine, Suspect Press, Show Devils comic, SLG Publishing (Byron) and Modern Drunkard Magazine. He has provided the artwork for the documentary Neal Cassady's Denver Years' for Colorado Public Television, illustrated the Daniel Landes' short story Revolt to What? (for Suspect Press), examines the history of Colorado venues in the weekly comic The Denver Bootleg for the Westword newspaper, and for almost four years have drawn the 'true-ish' tales and slice of life moments about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in the weekly webcomic 30 Miles of Crazy. He is also always looking for a better place to get a drink

Patrick Lay:
A current MFA in Comics student at the California College of the Arts, Patrick got his BFA in Oil Painting from Valparaiso University. Multi- is the first comic that Patrick has drawn, with a mini titled 'Dance' coming in 2016. Patrick is currently working on his first graphic novel, an all-ages book called 'Ramble'.

Nola Lee:
Nola Lee is an artist, cartoonist and maker of things. Her work ranges from  self reflective journaling to space cop fantasy and all the nooks and crannies in between.

Okell Lee:
Okell works primarily in the illustration market. He is a recent graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. His personal works are influenced by the wells of culture surrounding him and the world's chaotic fluctuation of love, misery, and passion.

Alex Levasseur:
Whether it's collecting vintage video games, or taking his children on a dragon hunting adventure, Alexander LeVasseur has always been a kid at heart.  Growing up with comic books and Saturday Morning cartoons, he quickly found a passion for art. He is technically trained in graphic and web design, and is also the co-founder of JumpSplashBooks.
Alex currently lives in Westerville, OH with his wife and their four children. While not illustrating, he can be found taking his kids on an adventure…probably dressed as a superhero.
Liberty Entertainment Distribution:
Originally created in 2012 Liberty Distribution was designed from the ground up, by a group of creators & retailers for creators & retailers!
Our goal is to get more quality indie titles, on store shelves and into the hands of readers! Exhibitors, feel free to stop by our booth at the show and while you're there, see what Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group can do for you!

Mike Lovette &  Alex Ferree:
Bacon Wrapped Frog Productions began as a creative endeavor in June 2015 by Mike Lovette and Alex Ferree although the name was not proposed until October 2015.  Both meet every two weeks.  Mike writes and Alex illustrates.  As of August 2016,  they have more than forty comics completed.  They a new comic each week at  We also are beginning to create larger paintings of our comics.

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