Thursday, March 16, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 5

Andrew Davis:
Andrew Davis's "Samantha Comics" website features over 800 strips from the perspective of "Samantha Ann Peartree, Age 5". His original zines and comics further reveal what lurks in Samantha's young mind (the answer: a playfully surreal mixture of fairy tales, love stories, weirdos, pop culture, death, and puppies!)

Matthew Enstrom:
Matthew Enstrom is the self publishing man of chaos. His first comic book Super Foxy, It's been described as a live action comic. Along with this he's currently working on a new comic book series called Space Cows. travel with the Crew as they take on adventures in Space. Aside from the comics Matthew has other prints done up in his quirky style.

EssenceCartoon is an animation studio that specializes in the creation of compelling 2D animated stories that effectively engage, explain and express your brand's story.

Landon Faulkner:
From an early age Landon has been fascinated with old westerns. Watching cowboy movies and television shows with his dad only fueled the fire. Upon a visit to see family in Arizona and going to Old Tucson Studios, well that cemented his love for the west. Reading and researching the legends of a gone but not forgotten time has inspired him to take his creativity down the long dust path to restore the western genre to it's glory of days gone by.

Erica Feld:
Erica Feld is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. She is the official artist for Corgi Things.

Joseph Freistuhler:
Joseph Freistuhler is a writer and illustrator from the wastelands of Northeast-Ohio. Joseph started making comics as a by-product of his mid-life crisis because it seemed less self-destructive than other options. The Not So Golden Age is Joseph’s second full length comic. Joseph has also contributed to the anthology series, Ugli Studios Presents. When he’s not making comics, Joseph spends his days in an office chained to a cubicle.

Nichi Hawkins:
Nichi Hawkins Has been creating his own comics since childhood, so the fact that He would one day start his own comic book label was inevitable. He has a love of this medium and sees it as one of the best way to share stories with others. Storytellers have been around since the beginning of time, gathering people around the fire and entertaining them with ideas and concepts that sparked the very core of our creative being. He prides himself on continuing that tradition and enjoys collaborating with others to accomplish the goal of creating mind bending badassery.

Luke Herr:
Luke writes a lot of minicomics, wrote the start of Heroes International for Legacy Rising, and produces the podcasts Exiled and MultiversalQ.

Joe Hunter:
Joe Hunter is an all around talented illustrator, inker, colorist and more, who has done work on books like Radical Guardian Skater X and Boo! Halloween Stories.

Cory Kram:
Cory Kram is a performance and collage artist based in Philadelphia, PA. All of her handmade collage artbook-zines are unique displays of color and composition. Her juxtapositions of food products, beauty products, microchips, and non-sequitur captions will dazzle you, confuse you, and leave you mesmerized.
Chad Lambert:
Chad Lambert is a two-time Harvey Award winning writer for his work in Dark Horse Presents and small press comics, including Return to Point Pleasant. Ray Bradbury referred to Return to Point Pleasant as “superb and frightening! Bravo!” Chad also appeared in the feature-length documentary Eyes of the Mothman, which explores the Appalachian folklore of paranormal activity in West Virginia.


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