Thursday, March 23, 2017

SPACE 2017 Exhibitor Bios Part 7

Chris Reed :
Chris Reed has been making mini-comics for 35 years. Before becoming a full-time comics creator, he worked many unfulfilling and ridiculous jobs including pizza dough maker, steel mill worker, tobacco farmer, railroad laborer, paper cup maker, laundry sorter, forklift operator, pop pusher, dog food packager, and writing advisor. He is currently working on the comics series, Gary. He lives in Davison, MI.

Julia Simmons:
Cleveland based comics and illustrations focused on fantasy and supernatural slice of life, fanart, stickers, a handmade books!

Ross Wood Studlar:
Ross Wood Studlar writes and draws comics featuring wildlife, mythic creatures, and robots. He works as a seasonal Park Ranger at Yellowstone, where he tells Native American legends and stories from science and history. He is a graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies and Denison University. The frogs and guinea pigs which he has kept as pets have been a source of creative inspiration; so have the wild beasts encountered on his treks through the woods. Futuristic inspirations include the Marvel 2099 comics and work on solar electrical systems at a Homestead in Ohio.

Cailey Tervo:
Cailey is an illustrator, comic maker, and overall human based in Columbus, Ohio. Her splits her time between working as a designer for kids apparel, making comics and illustrations, and being a cat mom.

Uni5i Comics
Uni5i Comics started in 2009 with the debut of the teen drama The 5ive footers. With a focus on characters off all different backgrounds Uni5i Comics continues to be a publisher for everyone. In summer 2016 the sci-fi comic Sword of Tora debuted as well to a great response. With anthology slatted for later this year Uni5i Comics continues to make great material for all.

John Vestevich:
John Vestevich is a cartoonist, designer, and illustrator living in Detroit. His comics are marked by experimentation and stylistic variation. Self-imposed restrictions yield telling results, all of which accumulate to either improve the next project, or steer the next experiment. Subjects range from autobiographical relationship analysis, to prehistoric beasts, to trippy dungeon runs.

Eric T. Voigt:
Eric T. Voigt is a member of Black Bear Collective and create zines that range from poetic muses, short stories, and comics.

Wakka :
I've been making comics and art since I was a very small child. I find it's the best outlet to appease the monsters living inside my skull.

Josh White:
Josh White is a Columbus, Ohio based graphic novelist. He has self-published two graphic novels, Vision Quest and Bad Year, and is working on a third, Heart Light Constellation. He is a graduate of the MFA Comics program at the California College of the Arts.


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